Lone Survivor

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Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission “Operation Red Wings”. Four members of SEAL Team 10 were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd.

Release Year: 2013

Rating: 7.6/10 (1,236 voted)

Director: Peter Berg


Based on the failed mission “Operation Red Wings” which tasked four members of SEAL Team 10 on June 28, 2005 to kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. They were quickly compromised and under attack.

Writers: ,

Based on True Acts of Courage


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Filming Locations: New Mexico, USA

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Budget: $50,000,000


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Actual military veterans were used in the film to fulfill extra and acting roles. See more »

User Review


Rating: 8/10

Based on a true story – that is the most haunting part of this film.
From the title and story itself, audiences already know what the
inevitable ending will be, but through the determination of the four
brothers, you can't help but hope for a change in their fates.

At its core, Lone Survivor is an American war film. The team members
are heroes, the Taliban are enemies, and the heroes are able to fight
on like in video games or movies. For the opening 40 minutes, it is a
somewhat cheesy show of soldiers bravado and training, but it works.
Incorporating real footage of the Navy Seals mixed with the actors lets
viewers feel for the real life persons and their portrayed characters
in the film. Soon after though, they are dropped into enemy territory
on an operation to take out a Taliban leader. The mission goes awry
when they encounter a small group of locals there, and they are faced
with the decision of killing them and letting go. From here, the
intensity begins to climb. What is the right thing to do? What would
you do? Faced with that moral situation, they decide to cut them loose
– soon after, Taliban forces are hot on their tail.

The next 40 minutes or so are an action-packed, non-stop brutal war
scene. Tension builds as a scope lines up with an enemy head. The shot
is fired, blood flies, and the chase begins. With an abundance of slow-
mo shots, clear close-ups of kills and wounds, the excellent direction
and cinematography provide a painful journey that makes you cringe or
tear up the same as the four soldiers. And all of these men in the film
play their roles greatly. Just listing them off – Walhberg tough as
usual, Hirsch strong and vulnerable, Kitsch pulling off the difficult
decisions as leader, and Foster frighteningly embodying cold but

These forty minutes of intensity must be attributed to the whole team
and crew though. Beyond the camera work and editing, much of the scenes
work well because of the locations, the costuming, the painful makeup
and design for all the wounds, the typical and tacky war-epic music.
The writing and delivery of lines keep the pacing quick and engaging.

Regardless of the how the majority of the movie is taken, the
conclusion of the film is a nice touch and shows – even with the bloody
action and cheesiness – what the film's really about: giving the story
of these men who served the country. Lone Survivor, while it can be
perceived as more American propaganda, still gives a brutal yet
touching look at this journey of four brothers through war. Yes, there
were tears. RATING: [8/10]