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The life story of basketball sensation, Jeremy Lin.

Release Year: 2013

Rating: 4.9/10 (262 voted)

Director: Evan Leong


In February 2012, an entire nation of basketball fans unexpectedly went 'Linsane.' Stuck in the mire of a disappointing season, the New York Knicks did what no other NBA team had thought about doing. They gave backup point guard Jeremy Lin an opportunity to prove himself. He took full advantage, scoring more points in his first five NBA starts than any other player in the modern era, and created a legitimate public frenzy in the process. Prior to this now-legendary run, Lin had faced adversity in his career at every turn. He wasn't offered a scholarship by any major university, nor was he drafted by any NBA team after a standout collegiate career at Harvard.

Undrafted. Unwanted. Unwavering. The True Story of Jeremy Lin.


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Rating: 9/10

I had the pleasure of seeing Linsanity this evening at the SXSW Film
Festival. The film was extremely warmly received. After the showing, we
were joined by not only the director and crew, but by the one and only
Jeremy Lin himself. The director and his crew did an excellent job in
presenting a very personal and moving portrait of Jeremy, his struggles
to overcome stereotypes, and particularly how he drew strength from his
faith and his culture. The film benefited from the fact that the crew
started film Jeremy several years ago when he was a senior at Harvard
and long before his rise to international stardom last year. They were
thus able to show the story of his high school and college careers when
he had gained some recognition, but was not a huge star. The level of
racism that he encountered was quite disturbing. Jeremy's strength in
the face of adversity is truly inspiring. I expect that this film will
be picked up by ESPN and broadcast widely in the next few months. The
film should be appealing to both sports fans and non- sports fans.
While it is the journey of an athlete, it is really a story of
perseverance and hard work that goes beyond just the realm of sports
and should be widely relevant to people who have struggled in a wide
variety of endeavors.