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A grown man caught in the crossfire of his parents 15-year divorce discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family.

Release Year: 2013

Rating: 5.7/10 (301 voted)

Director: Stu Zicherman


A.C.O.D. follows a seemingly well-adjusted Adult Child of Divorce (Adam Scott) who is forced to revisit the chaos of his parents (Catherine O'Hara and Richard Jenkins) bitter divorce all over again after his younger brother (Clark Duke) decides to get married.

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He's about to ruin a perfectly good divorce.


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Filming Locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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This is a semi-autobiographical film loosely based on co-writer/director Stu Zicherman's own experience as an Adult Child of Divorce (A.C.O.D.), one who also helped soothe the conflict between his divorced parents when his sibling got married. See more »

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Rating: 10/10

A.C.O.D. is such a terrific film that it's difficult to believe that
it's Zicherman's directorial debut. The screenplay, by Karlin and
Zicherman, is remarkably clever and witty–combining humor with
poignant insight to a very satisfying effect. Zicherman gets the pacing
exactly right, showing faith in the intelligence of his audience by
never belaboring a point. The characters are engaging and the acting is
very great. If your an adult child of divorce or a divorced parent who
worries about your children, you're likely to recognize something in
this film. (When Carter goes through his parents' divorce papers, try
to catch some of the petty, ridiculous allegations each makes.) In this
film, you see revealed some painful truths about human nature and
complex family relationships–always with humor and compassion. This is
one of the best comedies I've seen.