Veronika Decides to Die

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The story centers on Veronika, a woman in her mid twenties who appears to have everything: good looks…

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.4/10 (5,027 voted)

Emily Young

Stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jonathan Tucker, Erika Christensen

The story centers on Veronika, a woman in her mid twenties who appears to have everything: good looks, good job and a great life ahead of her. Yet she decides to end her own life. She is unsuccessful and awakens in a mental hospital where she learns that she a short time to live. However in the hospital she meets people who are only 'insane' because they don't always follow society's rules. With little left to lose, Veronika embarks on a journey on which she frees herself to experience relationships and emotions and ultimately discovers what it means to live.

Writers: Paulo Coelho, Larry Gross


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Veronika Deklava

Jonathan Tucker


Erika Christensen


Florencia Lozano

Dr. Thompson

Rena Owen

Nurse Josephine

Erica Gimpel

Nurse White

Victor Slezak

Gabriel Durant

Barbara Sukowa

Mrs. Deklava

Victor Steinbach

Mr. Deklava

Melissa Leo


David Thewlis

Dr. Blake

Virl Andrick


Jeff Applegate


Lisette Bross

Work Colleague #1

Matthew Cowles

Old Fred

It wasn't until she decided to die, that Veronika found a reason to live


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2012

Filming Locations: Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $9,000,000


Opening Weekend: $90,455
(21 August 2009)
(61 Screens)

Gross: $170,702
(18 September 2009)

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Did You Know?


Aidan Quinn and Bridget Fonda were considered for the roles of Mari and Dr. Blake (Dr. Igor in the novel).


[first lines]

Well, let's see. After you decide that I'm depressed, or whatever, you'll put me on meds, right? Well I know hundreds of people on them and they're all doing just fine. Really. I'll go back to work on my new anti-depressants, have dinner with my parents and persuade them I'm back to being the normal one who never gives them any trouble…

User Review


Rating: 10/10

I just watched the movie at a film festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.

First of all the the music in the movie (especially when Veronika plays
the piano) is very moving and really dragged me into the emotions of
the scenes. It is so intense as if Veronika's inner world and feelings
were my own.In my opinion Sarah Michelle Gellar did a great job
conveying the personality of the character to the viewer.

Many people have read the book and I think that many will find the
adaptation quite successful. As with other books made into movies, it
is not as detailed as the original, but it is surely as intense and

As for criticism, somehow I find the role of the doctor somewhat
secondary, there wasn't much interaction between the two of them. I was
also a little surprised at how abrupt the movie ended at first, but as
I think of it, a 30 minute ending would do more harm than good.

And the message is what is the most important part, it is something
that all of us should be reminded about. And in contrast to other films
with great messages, this one has a rich atmosphere that compels you to
watch and watch and watch.

I guess more of Paulo Coelho's books will be made into movies, but I
hope the adaptation is at least as good as this one.