Rogue River

January 20, 2012 0 By Fans
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You can't outrun family

Release Year: 2012

Rating: 4.1/10 (290 voted)

Jourdan McClure

Stars: Michelle Page, Art Alexakis, Chris Coy

Writers: Kevin Haskin, Ryan Finnerty


Michelle Page


Art Alexakis


Chris Coy


Michael Cudlitz

Sherrif Boyd

Lucinda Jenney


Bill Moseley


Michael Rooker

Gas Attendent

You can't outrun family


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Release Date: 20 January 2012

Filming Locations: Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $2,000,000


User Review

"I spit on your grave" w a lemon twist and a drop of blood

Rating: 7/10

A cocktail anyone? There are many irrational inconsistencies in Jourdan
McClure's "Rogue River", yet what makes it watchable is the somewhat
inventive take on the revenge tale aka "I spit on your Grave". An
unsuspecting Mara (Michelle Page) travels to Oregon's Rogue river to
scatter her father's remains. However, what she finds is a couple of
demented host who put her up after her car is mysteriously towed. The
series of events that follows, depending on your craving for
increasingly violent torture treatments on helpless Mara. In a twist of
unexplained faith, Mara is forced into a situation that will prove
quite dicey in a well developed unexpected plot twist. This twist alone
is worth the price of admission. Yet there are many unexplained plot
holes, which as cliché as it may sound, keep you wondering why with all
the opportunities for survival do some of these characters make some of
the dumbest choices. My favorite part of this movie has to be when poor
little Mara seems hungry. What follows is a shocking regressive force
feeding done baby style with the captor's mammal glands. However, the
loop holes in the story make their behavior predictable and waters
downs all the possibilities for an even more exciting take on events.
Rogue River will remind you of many movies already done, but "Rogue
River" does have a few raw unapologetic scenes that will satisfy the
genre followers. screened at Screamfest, the best horror film festival
in the US.