Bounty Hunters

January 1, 2012 0 By Fans
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Bounty HuntersBounty HuntersBounty HuntersBounty Hunters

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 4.3/10 (112 voted)

Patrick McBrearty

Stars: Trish Stratus, Frank J. Zupancic, Boomer Phillips


Trish Stratus


Frank J. Zupancic


Boomer Phillips

Chase Thomson

Joe Rafla

Hal Lambino

Christian Bako


Andrea James Lui


Richard Ha


Enrico DiFede

Mario Antonio

Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll


Marc-André Boulanger

Matt Plant

Shealyn Angus


Craig Cyr

Dirty Cop

Paige Albrecht

Gwen – Health Club receptionist

Craig Porritt

Homeless Man

Jennifer Polansky

Sally – Waitress in Diner


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Release Date: 1 January 2012

Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

User Review

Wrestling promo dressed as a movie


I sometimes enjoy B Movies as they can be entertaining, this was in
this line but the wooden acting and horribly staged fight scenes just
killed any interest in the movie. The plot itself was believable but
the way every scene was directed at the female wrestling star getting
into a fight and kicking some ass, but it all got too much and boring,
the wrestler had a great physique but not much in the way of acting
talent. The funny guy was just plain stupid and not much of an actor or
even a wrestler. The lead actor was restricted by the poor script and
pregnant pauses where they would concoct some scenario to get into a
giant fight, where any gang killers would have shot everyone dead
within seconds, which should have happened to all actors, directors,
producers and anyone else involved with this creation.