Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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Three friends decide to turn their fantasy vacation into reality after one of their number becomes engaged.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 7.9/10 (8,185 voted)

Zoya Akhtar

Stars: Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar

Mumbai-based Kabir Dhiman, who comes from a wealthy building construction family, proposes to his long-time girlfriend, Natasha, much to the delight of both their respective families. He then gets together with one of two of his close friends, Imran Habib, a writer by profession, and they contact their London-based financial broker friend, Arjun, to remind him of a pact of traveling to Spain. The trio commence their long overdue trip not fully realizing that Arjun has still not forgiven Imran for his break-up with Sunani, while he himself regrets being dumped by Rohini, and must also compete with Imran for the affections of gorgeous Deep Sea Diving Instructor, Laila; Kabir struggles to accept life as Natasha's husband; and Imran must ready himself to meet his biological father, Salman, who had abandoned him at birth.

Writers: Zoya Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar


Hrithik Roshan


Abhay Deol

Kabir Dewan

Farhan Akhtar


Katrina Kaif


Kalki Koechlin


Ariadna Cabrol


Naseeruddin Shah

Salman Habib

Lolo Herrero

Tattooed Guy

Deepti Naval

Rehana Qureshi

Suhel Seth

Natasha's father

Mandi Sidhu


3 young men take a holiday that changes their lives forever


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Release Date: 15 July 2011

Gross: $3,076,226
(28 August 2011)

Did You Know?


Anupam Kher played the role of Imran's (Farhan Akhtar) adoptive father in a flashback scene that was cut from the final film.


Factual errors:
San Fermín (Bull Festival) happens mid July and Tomatina occurs at the end of August. But here Tomatina happens before San Fermín. Also, the trip was planned for a period of three weeks, therefore the trio could not have attended both of the festivals.


I don't want to give your friend the impression that I'm a witch.

Imran Habib:
[enters back in his room]
Witch alert!

User Review

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is an excellent movie which you can watch "Dobara" – Don't miss it

Rating: 9/10

When was the last time you saw a feel good movie? When was the last
time you laughed at simple silly conversations, when was the last time
you remembered your bachelor days (only if you are married), when was
the last time a movie made you think about your life, when was the last
time a movie inspired you to enjoy the simple things in life, when was
the last time a movie inspires you to let go off your fears….. Well
not in the near past, definitely not from Bollywood.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara takes you through the simple moments of life,
the life that every one miss out due to their busy schedule,
commitments, etc..etc… and the movie does it through the life of
three friends and their extended bachelor party trip. The beauty of the
movie is that it concentrates on the life of the friends and how they
let go their resistance to themselves and their fears rather than
showing obscenity that normally rules movies which are based on
bachelor party trips.

Zoya does a fantastic job in making the viewers feel every part of the
movie with a beautiful blend of nature, good camera work, good script
and three gifted actors. There is not a moment in the movie which feels
out of place, no songs which you feel is there to enhance the
marketability of the movie, everything flows smoothly, everything
blends so nicely which gives you the feel good factor that you expect
from the movie.

All the actors were fabulous and were perfect fit for the roles. To
start in alphabetic order i will start with Abhay. What to say about
this actor, he brings life to his roles and he has proved it over and
over in his movies. I couldn't think about any actor who could have
blended so well with the character in the movie like Abhay did. There
is no replacement for him. I cant enhance on his character as it will
give away the plot. The scenes where all the three friends make fun of
people through their silly childhood act under the leadership of Abhay
can only be carried out well by Abhay.

Hritik is an actor who can do wonders when he lands the right roles.
When even the new entrants avoids multi starrier movies, he has taken a
role where other actors share more or less the same screen space, with
no insecurity and no ego. In the movie you get to see a completely
different Hritik, with a script which does not glorify him, he is just
a friend among the three and he brings life to the movie with his charm
and charisma.

Farhan was bit of a surprise to me. He has grown as an actor from "Rock
on" and "Karthik calling Karthik". I always found him to be more fit
for a serious character than for the joker in the pack act. He does it
extremely well. Probably its because of my prejudice that it was hard
for me to take him in the role, but i had to let go my resistance.

Katrina portrays a character which is similar to her real life, a mix
breed of Indian and Brit, a freedom loving, "live today" kind of girl.
Her combination with Hritik is electrifying. Kalki is such a good
actress. Her expressions helps you relate well to the character.

There is nothing to give out as a story, its all about three friends on
a trip and trying out different things that they never tried before and
how those things change there lives. But the beauty is in the details
and climax. I think how the movie ends could have been better but song
at the end of the movie with the credit makes up for it.

Overall Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara impressed me and lived up to my
expectation and above. I hope you would like the movie too. But 'hey',
everyone has different opinions, the general review by the critics for
the last two movies i reviewed were totally against mine. So don't go
for the review rather go for the movie and decide for yourselves.

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