We Are the Night

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Still of Karoline Herfurth in We Are the NightStill of Jennifer Ulrich in We Are the NightStill of Karoline Herfurth and Jennifer Ulrich in We Are the NightWe Are the NightStill of Max Riemelt in We Are the NightStill of Karoline Herfurth in We Are the Night


In Berlin, a cop closes in on an all-female vampire trio who just took in a new member, Lena.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 6.3/10 (2,025 voted)

Dennis Gansel

Stars: Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich

The vampires Louise, Charlotte and Nora arrive in Berlin after attacking the passengers and crew of an airplane in a flight to Paris. The leader Louise has been looking for centuries for her missed love and Charlotte misses her daughter that she saw in 1923 for the last time. Meanwhile, the smalltime pickpocket Lena steals a Russian mobster and is chased by Detective Tom. When Lena goes to a nightclub, the lesbian Louise believes that Lena is the love of her life and transforms her into a vampire. Lena initially feels lost with the transformation, but sooner she joins the trio of vampires in their nightlife. When the pack of vampires attacks a group of criminals, the police department investigates the case and hunts the women without knowing the risks that they are taking. Meanwhile the lonely Tom and the Lena fall in love with each other; but the unrequited love of Lena for Louise jeopardizes the couple.

Writers: Jan Berger, Dennis Gansel


Karoline Herfurth


Nina Hoss


Jennifer Ulrich


Anna Fischer


Max Riemelt


Arved Birnbaum


Steffi Kühnert

Lenas Mutter

Jochen Nickel


Ivan Shvedoff

van Gogh

Nic Romm


Manuel Depta

Russenschläger 1

Tom Jester

Russenschläger 2

Waléra Kanischtscheff


Christian Näthe

Wachmann 1

Tom Jahn

Wachmann 2

Immortal. Insatiable.


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Release Date: 27 May 2011

Filming Locations: Berlin, Germany

Box Office Details

Budget: €6,500,000


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Did You Know?


The inscription on the ceiling in the prison cell reads: "Sie befinden sich im Revier 38. Neukölln. Berlin. Deutschland. Europa. Erde." ("You are in station 38. Neukölln. Berlin. Germany. Europe. Earth.").


When Lena calls the policeman she dials a mobile number (prefix 0174). Right after she finishes dialing you can hear the ring tone. However, when you call a German mobile phone there is a distinctive pause (ca. 6 seconds) between typing the number and hearing the ring tone (the connection to the mobile phone is established in this time).


Russenschläger 1:
I paid for you bitch!

User Review

A Satisfactory Suck

Rating: 9/10

As a film, it's a nice one. As a genre – a modern vampire – flick, it
might easily deserve a full tenner. It's one of the most intelligent,
mature (no pun intended on the ladies, who have had about 300 years to
ripe), technically apt movies about the life of a vampire in the modern
world. The story might be only so-so, but the solid actors, the
production values, the direction and the overall classy look of the
outcome more than compensates for the (very slight) shortcomings of the
structure. Basically a lesbian love (or lust) story, it never gets
sappy or lame, whether dealing with girl-on-girl or straight passion.
It's quite different from American vamp flicks (True Blood bares
similarities in the overall mood), especially those vamp flicks, which
pretend to be European. Wie sind die Nacht is a solid piece of good
entertainment without most of the clichés of a traditional 'I suck your
blood' romp. It's a vampire film, which never once mentions the word
'vampire'. My only negative complaint would be the appearance of
Charlotte (the utterly gorgeous Jennifer Ulrich): why do we always
assume, that a vampire sort of gets stuck to the fashion of the era
he/she was actually young in? Look at Tom Cruise in The Vampire
Chronicles: the guy has been around for – what? 250 years? And he NEVER
gets tired of ruffs, laces and buckled shoes? Never once ventures to
try out jeans, fishnet shirts, disco boots, zoot suits — no?! I mean
come on! – a vampire, if anyone, should be willing to always change its
appearance, for the sake of sheer boredom! Yet, Charlotte, who was made
a vampire in 1923, never outgrows the Charleston dress, even though she
is a remarkably pretty dish. Hard to believe. But hey, the ladies have
killed off all the male vampires in the world, so they may very well
wear what ever they desire. Enjoyable!