The Tapes

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The TapesThe Tapes


Fame-hungry Gemma asks her boyfriend Danny and his media student mate Nathan to film her Big Brother audition. They hear about a sex party and change course, but soon wish they hadn't as the party goers turn out to be devil worshippers.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 3.3/10 (205 voted)

Lee Alliston

Stars: Jason Maza, Arnold Oceng, Natasha Sparkes

Gemma Baker, a fame hungry wannabee, persuades her hapless boyfriend Danny and his media student best mate Nathan to help her film a big brother audition tape. The weather is bad so they take a moments respite in a local pub, where they hear of a 'Swingers' party taking place on a local farm. Wide boy Danny has the idea of filming the party on video cameras with a view to blackmailing the attendees. They break onto the farm and wait for the arrival of the party goers. The farm is littered with clues and warnings which they ignore before falling foul of the party goers who are in fact Devil Worshippers


Jason Maza


Arnold Oceng


Natasha Sparkes


Nick Nevern

Danny's brother

Mark Dusty Miller


Lee Alliston


Mandy Lee Berger

The Barmaid

Eddie Focarelli


Eddie Folcarelli


Mark Miller


Mark Miller


Jodie Mooney

Whistable Kid

Tom Waldron

Gemma's Dad

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Release Date: 23 September 2011

Filming Locations: Canterbury, Kent, England, UK

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Budget: £100,000


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Did You Know?


There is no music used in the film.


A copy of "Call of Duty: Mordern Warware 2" is on a desk beside a character. The film was supposedly shot in 2008 while this game was released in 2009.

User Review

Not very good


Blah blah blah….Gemma wants to get on to big brother(uk)…her and
her boyfriend and another friend set out to make a showreel for her
audition. They get sidetracked and end up at some remote place where
the two boys plan to secretly film a swingers party.

The movie starts out descent. The characters are fairly cliché. I'd not
want to see Gemma on BB. Nor Danny, maybe Nate, but idk probably not,
they're all rather boring. I suppose the only reason I'd say it starts
out descent is because I enjoy BB so much. I suppose they use that to
an advantage.

A lot of the movie is just them walking around exploring this place.
Scaring each other. A whole lot of nothing. Randomly shots of the
characters family members are thrown in, which adds nothing. As the
movie progresses it tries to make a weak attempt at making it seem the
characters are breaking down, and turning on one another and it felt
very forced and just boring.

As far as the whole shaky cam thing, and trying to make me(a viewer)
believe this was real…absolute failure.

I've enjoyed The blair witch, paranormal activity, abnormal activity,
grave encounters….but this, this is not on par…it's rubbish.

I could not keep focus, it was just very boring.