The Caller

January 3rd, 2011


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The Caller

Troubled divorcee Mary Kee is tormented by a series of sinister phone calls from a mysterious woman...

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 5.7/10 (2,277 voted)

Director: Matthew Parkhill

Stars: Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, Luis Guzmán

Troubled divorcee Mary Kee is tormented by a series of sinister phone calls from a mysterious woman. When the stranger reveals she's calling from the past, Mary tries to break off contact. But the caller doesn't like being ignored, and looks for revenge in a unique and terrifying way...

Rachelle Lefevre - Mary Kee
Stephen Moyer - John Guidi
Luis Guzmán - George
Ed Quinn - Steven
Lorna Raver - Rose
Brian Tester - Attorney Kirkby
Marisé Alvarez - Nurse
Cordelia González - Judge
Gladys Rodríguez - Mrs. Guidi
Alfredo De Quesada - Attorney Davies
Aris Mejias - Young Woman
Leonardo Castro - Fire Dancer
Abimael Linares - Young Man
Jose Cotte - Social Services Clerk
David Rittenhouse - Real Estate agent

Release Date: 3 Jan 2011

Filming Locations: Puerto Rico

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Did You Know?

Brittany Murphy was originally cast as Mary Kee, but was replaced by 'Rachelle Lefevre'.

User Review

scarier than i thought!

Rating: 7/10

i went to see this movie without thinking i was going to be completely engrossed in the film and its complex characters. The story starts with a young woman that is currently in divorce proceedings from her estranged husband, moving into a new apartment. Everything starts off OK except that during her settling in to her new apartment she answers the phone where a older woman on the other line asks for a man that doesn't live there. from there on a phone relationship builds with this seemingly unstable elderly woman and a lonely young woman going through a difficult divorce. in time, strange things begin to happen and the movie takes a scary turn, it becomes extremely suspenseful and scary even though there is a lack of blood and graphic violence. i found the movie very entertaining and with its numerous twists, a movie that made you have discussions afterward in the theater with your friends about who was who, what does it really mean and what was real or a dream. a must see movie!