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The military have captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity. And now it wants to play.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 3.4/10 (140 voted)

Dan Turner

Stars: Katherine Flynn, Grant Masters, Patrick Flynn

In 2002, 11 months before the invasion of Iraq, the military captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity at Stormhouse, a secret underground base. This film documents the final four days of that experiment. 'Ghost whisperer' Hayley Sands is brought to Stormhouse by the government to make contact with the captured entity. Her arrival triggers a series of events which lead to the entity's escape, plunging the base into a horrific nightmare.

Writers: Jason Arnopp, Dan Turner


Katherine Flynn


Grant Masters

Major Anthony Lester

Patrick Flynn

Justin Rourke

Grahame Fox

Lieutenant Groves

Munir Khairdin

Salim Hassan

Martin Delaney

Brandon Faber

James Capel

Karl Matthews

Anthony Mark Streeter

Lance Corporal Rogers

Frankie Fitzgerald

Dan Randall

Andrew Hall

Minister Duncan McGillis

Jordan Pitt

Andy Duggan

Marlon Williams


Who wants to play?

Release Date: 3 Jan 2011

Filming Locations: Bentwaters Parks, Rendlesham, Suffolk, England, UK

Technical Specs


(original version)

Did You Know?


The cast and crew lived on location and were kept to a military regime to mirror the film.

User Review

A reasonable enough Brit horror flick

Rating: 5/10

A supernatural entity is captured by the military. It escapes. It's

Stormhouse is a solid enough horror film. But not a particularly
memorable one. The action is confined to the military base and takes
the form of the invisible entity possessing person after person,
creating all manner of paranoia. There are some creepy scenes for sure.
And the occasional inventive gore moment. But the film is, generally
speaking, fairly conventional. It's obviously been shot on a fairly
tight budget so some slack has to be given. But overall it was a pretty
average feature.