Something Borrowed

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Still of Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski and Colin Egglesfield in Something BorrowedStill of Hilary Swank and Luke Greenfield in Something BorrowedKate Hudson at event of Something BorrowedStill of Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski in Something BorrowedStill of Ginnifer Goodwin, Steve Howey and Emily Giffin in Something BorrowedStill of John Krasinski in Something Borrowed


Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy's fiancé.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 5.6/10 (17,587 voted)

Critic's Score: 36/100

Luke Greenfield

Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield

Rachel is a lawyer. When she was in law school she fell for another student, Dex, who comes from an affluent family, but she was too shy to say anything. When Dex meets her best friend Darcy, who sometimes treats her like dirt, Darcy makes a move on Dex and gets him. Eventually, they get engaged and Darcy asks Rachel to be her Maid of Honor. However, Rachel still has feelings for Dex and still can't say anything. Darcy throws her a birthday party and Dex is there. When she and Dex are alone she blurts out that she had a thing for him in college which surprised him, and after drinking a little they spend the night together. They try to forget the whole thing and agree that it means nothing. Ethan, Rachel's close friend, tells her that she'll spend her entire life regretting that if she does nothing.

Writers: Jennie Snyder, Emily Giffin


Ginnifer Goodwin


Kate Hudson


Colin Egglesfield


John Krasinski


Steve Howey


Ashley Williams


Geoff Pierson

Dexter Thaler Sr.

Jill Eikenberry

Bridget Thaler

Jonathan Epstein

Professor Zigman

Leia Thompson

Bridal Consultant

Sarah Baldwin


Mark La Mura

Marcus's Dad

Lindsay Ryan


Kirsten Day

Pretty Brunette

Christopher Peuler


It's a thin line between love and friendship.


Official Website:
Warner Bros. [United States] |

Release Date: 6 May 2011

Filming Locations: London, England, UK

Box Office Details

Budget: $35,000,000


Opening Weekend: $13,945,368
(8 May 2011)
(2904 Screens)

Gross: $39,026,186
(24 July 2011)

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Did You Know?


Colin Farrell was rumored to play Marcus.


On the beach at the Hampton's when Marcus is checking if Rachel is sleeping or dead Claire is reading a magazine. When Marcus walks away Claire is lying down with the magazine on her face.


[Rachel falls on the dance floor in pain]

Are you alright?

Yeah, no, I think I just pulled something.

Your vagina?

No, I didn't pull my vagina! I just pulled… near my vagina.

User Review

How can this be any worse?

Rating: 1/10

If you think cheating is awesome, this is the movie for you.

Everyone cheats and everyone ends up happily.

Every little bit of it is predictable too, nothing about it is fun or

There is no moral in this story, there is nothing funny. It's just a
bunch of pretty guys and girls cheating on each other without

I'm thinking really hard right now about whether anything about it was
good, but I can't think of anything…

And why does everyone in these romantic comedies have to be upper-class
and from good heritage?

And why is it always set in NYC?

There's really nothing original about this one.

Do not waste 1.5 hours of your life on this!