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Gerrie, Richard, Rikkert, Robbie and Barry from "Maaskantje" are in a big fight with the village of "Schijndel". When a zombie kills someone from "Brabant", things get out of hand.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 6.3/10 (1,055 voted)

Steffen Haars

Stars: Huub Smit, Tim Haars, Wesley van Gaalen

Gerrie, Richard, Rikkert, Robbie and Barry from "Maaskantje" are in a big fight with the village of "Schijndel". When a zombie kills someone from "Brabant", things get out of hand.

Writers: Steffen Haars, Flip Van der Kuil


Huub Smit

Richard Batsbak

Tim Haars

Gerrie van Boven

Wesley van Gaalen

Rikkert Biemans

Steffen Haars

Robbie Schuurmans

Flip Van der Kuil

Barrie Butsers

Peter Aerts


Lars Boekhorst

Guy with Down Syndrome

Filip Bolluyt


Bart de Rijk

Cop Adrie

Maureen Eerdmans

SBS6-presentatrice 2

Paul Elstak

DJ Paul Elstak

Peter Faber

Minister van Defensie

Robert-Paul Jansen

Man van Defensie 2

Corry Konings



SBS6-presentatrice 1


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Release Date: 7 December 2011

Filming Locations: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Box Office Details

Budget: €2,500,000


Opening Weekend: €1,102,342
(11 December 2011)
(117 Screens)

Gross: €3,997,175
(1 February 2012)

User Review

A small upgrade from Turbo to Nitro


Most people will want to know one thing I guess: Is it better, worse or
the same as the first movie? I can tell you right from the start: It's
very enjoyable again, it's more fun and I have never been bored one
moment throughout the entire movie. However, don't expect it to be much
better, it's just a small upgrade from Turbo to Nitro.

The extra budget they put into it pays off. This one is faster, a bit
darker, more jokes are put into it and it's slightly more fun to watch.
The story line however is again kinda wrapped around the jokes, and
it's not deep. Just like the first, you might say it's a lame shallow
story but hey: it's a comedy, what do you expect? If you want a deep
and inspiring story that makes you think for days after you've seen it:
go look for something else. The story is just enough to keep it all
together and it's shallowness didn't annoy me. The are a lot of funny
twists and situations but it never forces the story in a such a way
that it feels unnatural.

Another thing I liked was that even the viewer is even made fun off.
They did this in the first one also, but again: it's executed better in
this sequel. This is just one of those things that makes it stand out
from other lame (Ben Stiller type) comedies. Right at the very start it
looks exactly like the first movie and you immediately think: will this
be a cheap money-scoring sequel? Then the first character in the movie
will play right into that and tell you the exact reason's why you
shouldn't watch it, like: – It's another lame sequel – The jokes are
too easy – I've seen it all before -. Then he get's shot in the face
which is basically the writers saying: "We don't give a sh*t". (And it
works!) This is done a second time at the end of the movie by
ridiculing the viewer comparing him to average character in the movie.

Overall: Yeah it's basically the same concept and the same type of
humor, and some viewers may have enough of it after having seen the
first but that just does not apply to me! Overall a very fun movie to
watch, slightly better executed and one of my favorites in it's genre.