Mumbai Diaries

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The lives of four people intersect in Mumbai: a washer-man who wants to become an actor, a banker-turned-photographer, a painter looking for inspiration, and a newly-married immigrant who journals her experiences on home video.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 7.2/10 (4,054 voted)

Critic's Score: 55/100

Kiran Rao

Stars: Aamir Khan, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra

The lives of 4 different people in the city of Mumbai get entwined by fate and luck; Shai – an investment banker with a penchant for photography, Arun – a lonely painter, Munna – the "dhobi" who aspires to become an actor and Yasmin – making a video in her camcorder for her brother, who hasn't been to Mumbai before. The film follows how their lives are changed by the presence of one another. Will it be for better or for worse?


Aamir Khan


Monica Dogra


Kriti Malhotra




(as Prateik Babbar)

Aasha Pawar


Jyoti Pawar


Norma Lobo




Babita Sehgal

Munna's Client

Kitu Gidwani


Danish Hussain


Jehan Manekshaw


Jitendra Shinde


Sanjivani Oagle


Nafisa Amin Khan



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Release Date: 20 January 2011

Filming Locations: Film City, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Box Office Details

Budget: INR 110,000,000


Opening Weekend: $365,297
(23 January 2011)
(78 Screens)

Gross: $576,639
(13 February 2011)

Did You Know?


Aamir Khan, who is known to have played characters that are almost half his actual age (including a college student in
Rang De Basanti and
3 Idiots) plays a character closer to his actual age, with graying hair, in this movie.

User Review

Prateik is great!! … thats all there is…

Rating: 1/10

Not much of a story. It revolves around four persons. If you are bored
from the movies-for-non-intellectuals (viz, Dabang, TMK..), then this
one is also not for you; as it involves poor direction and lack of

The main characters: Munna (Muslim Clothes washer), Shai (banker) ,
Yasmin(Married-Muslim Girl) & Arun (Painter). I think Arun & Shai too
are Muslim. MUMBAI DIARIES is a misleading title, as it involves only

The Narrative is juggling all throughout with recent past & the
present. Their is an aunt in Arun's neighboring apartment who is
symbolized as Mumbai; always observing, yet non-participating.

I was kinda freaked by the Rat killing scene. It was gross and worst
part was that it was prateik doing it. I don't like cute people doing
nasty things.

All the girls who loved Prateik Babbar in 'Jaane tu ya jaane na', will
definitely like him in this movie. Actually, I went to see its
screening only for him. All the audience was so blown out by his
performance. This movie's fate at box-office is highly dependent on
Prateik's immensely intuitive acting, which has not much room for it to
get better..

It was a good idea of director, to rope in her husband in order to
promote the movie. Everyone anticipates the movie to be good & perfect
if Aamir is in it. But, I'm sure the viewers are gonna be disappointed.

If you love Prateik, go for it. But, if you seek a beautiful
performance by cast or an intelligent script then i would say a
definite no.