Little White Lies

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A near-fatal accident leaves one friend in the hospital while the rest go on their annual vacation. But their secrets and personal grief threaten to drive them apart.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 7.0/10 (4,531 voted)

Guillaume Canet

Stars: François Cluzet, Marion Cotillard, Benoît Magimel

Every year, Max, a successful restaurant owner, and Véro, his eco-friendly wife invite a merry group of friends to their beautiful beach house to celebrate Antoine's birthday and kick-start the vacation. But, this year, before they all leave Paris, their buddy Ludo is hurt in a serious accident, which sets off a dramatic chain of reactions and emotional responses. The eagerly anticipated vacation leads each of the protagonists to raise the little veils that for years they have draped over what bothers and upsets them. Pretenses become increasingly hard to keep up. Until the moment when the truth finally catches up with them all…


François Cluzet

Max Cantara

Marion Cotillard


Benoît Magimel

Vincent Ribaud

Gilles Lellouche


Jean Dujardin


Laurent Lafitte


Valérie Bonneton

Véronique Cantara

Pascale Arbillot

Isabelle Ribaud

Joël Dupuch


Anne Marivin


Louise Monot


Hocine Mérabet


Mathieu Chedid


(as Matthieu Chedid)

Maxim Nucci


Néo Broca



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Release Date: 13 April 2011

Filming Locations: Avenue Marceau, Paris 8, Paris, France

Box Office Details

Budget: $25,000,000


Opening Weekend: $9,130,839
(24 October 2010)
(555 Screens)

Gross: $44,380,398
(19 December 2010)

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User Review

Laughter and tears and good actors… what more do you want?

Rating: 9/10

I went to see Les Petits Mouchoirs yesterday and loved every minute of
it. And since there are 154 minutes of it, there is a whole lot to
love! Yes, this movie lasts for two and a half hours but it certainly
did not feel long to me at all.

I thought that the acting was very natural and the people were very
real: wow, they even looked like normal people (except for Marion
Cotillard who is out-of-this-world-beautiful); a feeling that I feel
oftentimes is missing in Hollywood movies where only the dork is normal
(= ugly) and the rest of the actors are nothing but overly gorgeous.
Obviously some out of the ordinary circumstances occur – otherwise
there would be no movie, would there? nobody wants to watch me go to
work and do my groceries for two and a half hours – but the way the
situations were dealt with made me feel like Les Petit Mouchoirs was a
depiction of a slice of life. I laughed out loud on several occasions,
but at the end also had a wet sleeve from drying my tears. And in that
respect I feel very differently from one previous poster who feels that
the acting was weak in the dramatic parts of the movie; I thought the
acting was superb.

I definitely recommend this movie, I thought it was highly entertaining
and an evening well-spent.