February 3rd, 2011


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Still of Emma Schweiger in KokowäähStill of Emma Schweiger in KokowäähStill of Emma Schweiger in Kokowääh

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 6.4/10 (1,919 voted)

Director: Til Schweiger

Stars: Til Schweiger, Emma Schweiger, Jasmin Gerat

Writers: Til Schweiger, Béla Jarzyk

Til Schweiger - Henry
Emma Schweiger - Magdalena
Jasmin Gerat - Katharina
Samuel Finzi - Tristan
Numan Açar - Arbeiter
Meret Becker - Charlotte
Anne-Sophie Briest - Mutter Supermarkt
Anna Julia Kapfelsperger - Bine
Friederike Kempter - Agentin
Torsten Künstler - Kurier
Miranda Leonhardt - Maria
Misel Maticevic - Rob Kaufmann
Genoveva Mayer - Frau in Bar
Sönke Möhring - Polizist
Jana Reinermann - Fan

Release Date: 3 February 2011

Filming Locations: Berlin, Germany

Box Office Details

Budget: €5,650,000(estimated)

Did You Know?

Kokowääh, is how a German (in this case an 8 Year old child) that has never heard the dish before - would pronounce (probably with a question mark) "Coq Au Vin" (chicken in a wine sauce).

User Review

Intelligent and touching romantic comedy that makes you think

Rating: 8/10

Kokowaah follows in the fame of the previous Til Schwiger's films and as well as it's predecessors, it also keeps the bar pretty high. The well - balanced mix of romance, fun, emotions on the background of a serious topic makes Kokowaah be a movie one really enjoys, thinks about and won't forget.

Til is often very lucky about his co-stars and Kokowaah is not an exception. His daughter Emma in character of eight - year - old Magdalena does a pretty good job as well as Samuel Finzi (Tristan, Magdalena's non - biological father), whose totally natural and believable embodiment in his role became the biggest surprise of the movie to me. Although, judging by the trailer, I firstly hesitated about Jasmin Gerat, she s very pleasant to be watched as well as Til who, next to her, seems to be the most relaxed in his part he has ever been.

Kokowaah certainly lives up Til's fans' expectations as it misses nothing they were waiting for. The usual(and in my opinion so far the absolutely best)scene with toilet, repeated moments and lines taken from the previous Til's movies - this all is there. However, their amount is too high thus Kokowaah sometimes (primarily at its beginning) reminds a parody at Til's previous films, which is a bit pity.

The points that Kokowaah might loses at some moments are "replenished" again with its brilliant soundtrack and score, which is worth buying, the more due to it's well-done digipack.

I would recommend this movie to everyone who seeks for original, good and intelligent entertainment. Til Schweiger offers this all so why not to accept such an invitation...