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When nuclear weapons are smuggled into America, FBI Agent Shane Daughtry (David A.R White) is faced with an impossible task — find them before they are detonated…

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 3.1/10 (212 voted)

Harold Cronk

Stars: David A.R. White, Anna Zielinski, Randy Travis

When nuclear weapons are smuggled into America, FBI Agent Shane Daughtry (David A.R White) is faced with an impossible task — find them before they are detonated. The clock is ticking and the only people who can help are a washed up arms dealer (Lee Majors), a converted Israeli Mossad Agent (Stacy Keach) and a by- the-book CIA Deputy Director (Randy Travis).


David A.R. White


Anna Zielinski


Randy Travis

Jack Thompson

Lee Majors


Jaci Velasquez


Matthew Tailford

Nick Tanner

Nick Jameson

Matthew Dean

Marco Khan


Kristen Barrett

English Reporter

William Devital


Bradley Dorsey


Steven Dutton

Officer Johnson

John Gilbert


Evan Koons

Bar Guy

Jamie Nieto

Russ Walters


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Release Date: 26 August 2011

Filming Locations: Manistee, Michigan, USA

User Review

Wow… this actually got made?

Rating: 2/10

It's rather difficult to write a review for this kind of film. One is
instantly inclined to use words like: childish, superficial, racist,
moronic, pointless… but none of them come close.

Recent events in our times are bound to produce stuff like this. Among
the many documentaries, news footage and commercial films, some are
bound to play the "America: the guardians of world peace" card. But I
never expected to see such a shoddily done film.

Without giving away much, I'll try to explain the plot. There are the
good guys, i.e. Americans, looking neat and handsome, ready to do
everything for peace on Earth. There is the Israel prime minister,
although who is only seen on TV news, who gives tearjerker speeches
about world peace. And there is everyone else, who are all ugly,
growling, mumbling foreigners, who want to change the world order, do
bad things, because they are ugly and evil and cannot stand nice,
peace-loving Americans do good deeds.

I'm not saying these with any anti-American sentiments, mind you. This
is actually what the film is about. It's appalling that some people
approved this script and spent money for its production. It doesn't
work even on a racist, "America is good, everyone else is bad" frame of
mind. Your average 10-year old would approach the topic on a more
intellectual level.

I realize that even the worst films require planning, time, effort and
money, so I don't want to bash it all, but… who ever is responsible
for this film? Responsible for the "suspect who mumbles prayers and
snickers knowingly in the interrogation room" scene, done only in one
million other bad movies, for instance? Or why do the foreigners write
Arabic words in huge letters on the walls of the house they rent, when
they are hiding dangerous stuff there? So that the neighbors would see
from the windows? Oh well, I guess Arabic = evil in the childish minds
of the people who approved and made this film.

I specifically used the word "foreigner" instead of Arab or terrorist,
for we really don't know who they are (although we suspect they are
from Iran or Russia). One of them looks Chinese or from some Far-East
country, the other looks like an Arab but could very well be Indian…
doesn't really matter, for they are not American, and they are not even
white. So they are evil.

I was also sorry to see a talented actor like Stacy Keach in this piece
of wasted film material. Being a non-American, foreigner, evil,
euro-trash, baby-eating, peace-hater myself, I haven't had the chance
to see his works on theater, but I know he is vastly talented as an
actor. He has been in his share of bad films, like The Class of 1999,
but that was enjoyable bad. This one is just plain bad.