Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust

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Purge: To put to death, eliminate what is undesirable. The serial killer known as Purge lived and died by this code…

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 2.9/10 (68 voted)

Paul Morrell

Stars: Meredith Laine, Linda Bella, Allison Ochmanek

Purge: To put to death, eliminate what is undesirable. The serial killer known as Purge lived and died by this code. But is he dead? Driving home from a road trip, ERIC and SHELLY take a back road to avoid a traffic jam. They encounter the serial killer Purge. Eric survives but Shelly is murdered. A year later, a group of adventure-seeking high school grads venture to purge's lair. Among them is Eric's brother JUAN. Eric sets out to save his brother, and get revenge on Purge. For the six teens, their imperfections will be the deciding factor if Purge shows them mercy. But if everyone is imperfect, will any of them survive?


Meredith Laine


Linda Bella


Allison Ochmanek


Derrick Bishop


Anton Troy


Teodorico Paul Sajor


Diana Quezada


Bianca Lemaire


Eric Lewis


Nicholas J. Leinbach


Christina Iannuzzi


Dana Chapman


Paul Morrell

Missing Person

Stephen Zimpel


Terry James

Mr. Dowd

The elimination process has begun. will you survive?


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Release Date: 30 September 2011

Filming Locations: Castaic, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $100,000


Opening Weekend: $86,086
(2 October 2011)
(11 Screens)

Gross: $202,531
(23 October 2011)

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User Review

They had a shotgun but they never used it

Rating: 2/10

This is so pathetic attempt for slasher movie! Big bad white military
guy is eliminating the black, the Mexicans, the Portoricans, the
junkies, the nerds and basically everyone else.

The bad white racist military guy is like three meters high and has
about half a ton of muscles. The attempts of "heroes" to fight him look
approximately like the Rammstein music video where the ants try to
fight the large beetle. The whole movie is basically a collection of
such feeble "combat scenes", plus car transport to the area.

I would seriously like to know why no one ever even tried to use that
shotgun that they have been carrying for about half of the movie. Was
it only for looks or for walks? What is the point of carrying a gun
when all you can do is to hold it and talk or try to beat the three
meters high guy with like a half of ton of muscles with it? I cannot
even feel sorry for such bunch of losers.

Please, please stop making such crappy movies already! The Slumber
Party Massacre from the seventies was better than this. At least it was
less boring.