False Trail

September 9th, 2011


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Release Year: 2011

Rating: 6.5/10 (1,268 voted)

Director: Kjell Sundvall

Stars: Peter Stormare, Rolf Lassgård, Eero Milonoff

Writers: Björn Carlström, Stefan Thunberg

Peter Stormare - Torsten
Rolf Lassgård - Erik Bäckström
Eero Milonoff - Jari Lipponen
Johan Paulsen - Mats
Yngve Dahlberg - Erik's boss
Elina Knihtilä - Irina Lipponen
Juho Milonoff - Esa Lipponen
Annika Nordin - Karin Johansson
Lo Kauppi - Johanna Lager
Kim Tjernström - Peter
Hanna Ek - Woman finding Elin
Jarl Lindblad - Elof
Ellenor Lindgren - Elin Ledin
Håkan Andersson - Upset hunter
Jonas Hedlund - Niklas

Release Date: 9 September 2011

Filming Locations: Överkalix, Norrbottens län, Sweden

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User Review

Brilliant acting in an exciting murder mystery

Rating: 8/10

The Interrogator Erik Backstrom (Rolf Lassgård) is forced to return to his former home village to solve a murder mystery, in which the local polices and some hunters and even Erik's family seems to be involved. Soon, the conflicts are in full action, especially between Erik and the local police Torsten (Peter Stormare). Torsten does not support Erik very much in his job and has, for some personal reasons, already arrested a suspected perpetrator. Eric takes great risks when he starts digging in the criminal material of the horrible murder case.

Director Kjell Sundin was right when he, after some hesitation, decided to make a successor of Jägarna (The Hunters). There are some flashbacks in the second film, but it doesn't matter. The second film stands on its own and the drama has got its own story with all the ingredients for a strong thriller and with star actors performing convincingly in the spectacular northern landscape of Sweden. The movie is filmed in the small place Överkalix and its surroundings.

Peter Stormare makes an impressing role portrait of the psychopathic policeman Torsten. With small and powerful expressions he excellently performs the complex character. Stormare is a brilliant and talented actor, who can turn stereotypes into great art. Rolf Lassgård is an experienced actor and convincing as the homicide detective, but sometimes falls into manners in his attempts to make the rather flat role more interesting. Annika Nordin as Torsten's betrayed wife Karin is, however, too sophisticated and beautiful for the part. Eero Milonoff performs with force the rough drinker Jari, that with his friend Esa (Juho Milonoff) are the social problems of the village.

The film photo by Jallo Faber is beautiful, even if the sharpness could have been better. But he captures the expressions of the actors very well and seduces us with the grandiose views of the landscape. The writers Bjorn Carlstrom and Stefan Thunberg have created a strong story with an excellent and realistic dialog.

Unfortunately this exciting down-to-earth drama turns into a melodramatic operatic final that does not give the movie full points, even if the story maybe couldn't end in another way. And the closing scenes with the well-polished victims along with Erik in an idyllic winter landscape, feels too heavenly. The consequences of the violent drama should have left some traces with the victims, who actually got life-threatening damages in the film.

But Jägarna 2 (The Hunters 2) got eight out 10, for an exciting movie with talented actors and filmmakers of which Sweden has many reasons to be proud.