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E.F. Bloodworth has returned to his home – a forgotten corner of Tennessee – after forty years of roaming…

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 6.1/10 (820 voted)

Shane Dax Taylor

Stars: Val Kilmer, Kris Kristofferson, Hilary Duff

E.F. Bloodworth has returned to his home – a forgotten corner of Tennessee – after forty years of roaming. The wife he walked out on has withered and faded, his three sons are grown and angry. Warren is a womanizing alcoholic, Boyd is driven by jealousy to hunt down his wife and her lover, and Brady puts hexes on his enemies from his mamma's porch. Only Fleming, the old man's grandson, treats him with the respect his age commands, and sees past all the hatred to realize the way it can poison a man's soul. It is ultimately the love of Raven Lee, a sloe-eyed beauty from another town, that gives Fleming the courage to reject this family curse.

Writers: W. Earl Brown, William Gay


Val Kilmer

Warren Bloodworth

Kris Kristofferson

E. F. Bloodworth

Hilary Duff

Raven Lee Halfacre

Reece Thompson

Fleming Bloodworth

Dwight Yoakam

Boyd Bloodworth

Frances Conroy

Julia Bloodworth

W. Earl Brown

Brady Bloodworth

Hilarie Burton


Sheila Kelley

Louise Halfacre

Barry Corbin


Brent Briscoe


Ben Acland


Bear Adkisson


Robert Beck

The Professor

Claudia Church

Patricia Bloodworth


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Release Date: 20 May 2011

Filming Locations: Atkinson, North Carolina, USA

Opening Weekend: $9,612
(22 May 2011)
(10 Screens)

Gross: $9,612
(22 May 2011)

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Julia Bloodworth:
If sense was gunpowder, every one of you men together wouldn't have enough to load a round of birdshot.

User Review


Rating: 9/10

Whether or not you are a country fan-or not,this movie is outstanding
with great acting and performances from the whole cast. We had to watch
it twice to pick up a few hard to catch details, but
overall,-Kristofferson, Kilmer ,Duff and Dwight yoakam did justice to
this film. Very Dramatic and the story is very well put together. Some
nice country music and also some very nice scenes. It tells the story
of the 3 sons who all live different lives. Hillary Duff is exceptional
in her part. val Kilmer also very good.It is a movie that perhaps needs
to be watched twice if you do not grasp the beginning. I highly
recommend this movie as a must to watch. Kris kristofferson is a great
actor here and deserves all for his efforts. Also loved the songs in
the end credits. A great family treat. Sit back and enjoy it like i