Youth in Revolt

January 8th, 2010


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Still of Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday in Youth in RevoltStill of Miguel Arteta in Youth in RevoltAdrienne Frantz at event of Youth in RevoltYouth in RevoltStill of Michael Cera and Adhir Kalyan in Youth in RevoltStill of Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday in Youth in Revolt

While his trailer trash parents teeter on the edge of divorce, Nick Twisp sets his sights on dream girl Sheeni Saunders, hoping that she'll be the one to take away his virginity.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.6/10 (31,820 voted)

Critic's Score: 63/100

Director: Miguel Arteta

Stars: Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday, Ray Liotta

At 16, Nick Twisp is wry about his teen funk: he lives in Oakland with his sex-addled mother; his father's child support is her meal ticket. While camping in Ukiah, Nick meets Sheeni: for him, it's love at first sight. Nick has to figure out how to get his father a job in Ukiah, then how to get sent to live with his father, then how to get close to Sheeni, whose religious parents may want her sent away from temptation to a boarding school. There's also Sheeni's all-American boyfriend to contend with. Overwhelmed by the challenges, Nick's about to give up when he conjures an alter ego who whispers revolt into his ear. Nick is not altogether hapless, but can this end well?

Writers: Gustin Nash, C.D. Payne

Michael Cera - Nick Twisp / Francois
Portia Doubleday - Sheeni Saunders
Jean Smart - Estelle Twisp
Zach Galifianakis - Jerry
Erik Knudsen - Lefty
Adhir Kalyan - Vijay Joshi
Steve Buscemi - George Twisp
Fred Willard - Mr. Ferguson
Ari Graynor - Lacey
Ray Liotta - Lance Wescott
Justin Long - Paul Saunders
Rooney Mara - Taggarty
Jade Fusco - Bernice Lynch
Lise Lacasse - Matron
M. Emmet Walsh - Mr. Saunders

Taglines: Every "Revolution" Needs A Leader


Official Website: Official site [France] |

Release Date: 8 January 2010

Filming Locations: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $18,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $6,888,334 (USA) (10 January 2010) (1873 Screens)

Gross: $15,281,286 (USA) (21 March 2010)

Technical Specs

Runtime:Canada: (Toronto International Film Festival)  | USA:

Did You Know?

Justin Long plays Portia Doubleday's (Sheeni) older brother in this film. In real life he dated her older sister Kaitlin Doubleday. The two also played a couple in the Waiting....

Continuity: When Nick is stealing the BMW, his father kicks the window with his foot leaving two footprints on it. After a couple of scenes the marks have moved upwards from their first location.

Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger: I'm gonna wrap your legs around my head and wear you like the crown that you are.
Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger: If that's OK with you.

User Review

Hilarious, bright and engaging

Rating: 10/10

I enjoy Michael Cera as much as the next person; he's awkward and endearing and watching him fumble makes me feel better about myself. The thing about Michael Cera, is that all of the characters he plays... are Michael Cera.

Well... except for Nick Twisp.

It starts off with Nick masturbating; I hadn't seen the trailer prior to the TIFF premiere, and during that first scene I somehow started having horrible flashbacks of Nick and Nora's Craptastic Adventure.

4 minutes in, my mind was changed.

The movie is filled to the brim with witticisms that I feared would fall flat with Cera's non-dimensional acting; I was surprised. He managed to avoid turning sexual situations into awkward moments, and the brilliantly written screen play kept the pace fast and...well, hilarious.

The character is less naive than we're meant to believe; Nick Twisp just wants to belong, and his alter-ego Francois (Cera with a shady looking 'stache) enables Nick to do that... it's like they've embarked on that wild ride that we all wish we could take.

There were SO MANY one liners that had the audience laughing, I think that it's hard not to adore this movie.

Seriously, I will be seeing it again.