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January 3rd, 2010


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Tour de ForceKim Sønderholm in Tour de Force

Frank is a police officer who loses his family in a tragedy. In desperation he turns to crime and makes a living as a hitman for the mob.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 4.7/10 (68 voted)

Director: Kim Sønderholm

Stars: Kim Sønderholm, Claire Ross-Brown, Toke Lars Bjarke

Frank is a police officer who loses his family in a tragedy. In desperation he turns to crime and makes a living as a hitman for the mob.

Writers: Kim Sønderholm, Kim Sønderholm

Kim Sønderholm - Frank
Claire Ross-Brown - Naomi
Toke Lars Bjarke - Jonas
Ole Ernst - Peder
Alice Haaber - Emily
Slavko Labovic - Boris
Peter Ottesen - Holger
David Sakurai - Hiru
Jonas Schmidt - Kriminalbetjent Bent Larsen
Bob Anders - Kriminalbetjent Allan Holst
Lars Bjarke - Skalde
Anja Owe - Politichef Solveig Jensen
David Schack Trappaud - Django
Dan Zahle - JJ
Diana Bock - Joy

Taglines: What's left when all is lost?


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2010

Filming Locations: Amager, Denmark

Box Office Details

Budget: $150,000(estimated)

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Did You Know?

In the scene where Frank, played by Kim Sønderholm, is hit over the head with a bottle by Simone, played by Julie Kaya Nielsen, Frank's expression of pain is quite real as the fake bottle turned out to be a lot harder than it was supposed to be. Sønderholm actually blacked out for a few seconds before regaining his conscience and continued acting. This clip is used in the actual film as strongly insisted by Sønderholm.

Røde Ivan: Argh, you shot me right in the dick, man!

User Review

A not so satisfying Tour de Force

Rating: 6/10

I bought this movie immediately as it appeared on DVD. Since very few Danish cinema is translated (or subtitled) I felt my $14 would be a good investment.

Why did I buy a new DVD release from an unknown Danish réalisateur? First, because most of the Danish thrillers I own (Pusher, Frygtelig lykkelig, Kærlighed på film, Bleeder...) have really impressed me, and I am satisfied with those purchases. Second, because dozens of Danish movies (or Danish TV series) are for obvious reasons (the language) inaccessible to non-Danes (though they've been producing first class television like Lars Von Trier's 'Riget' or Niels Arden Oplev's 'Rejseholdet').

However Tour de Force is a disappointment. Although the film starts with very innovative camera work (the opening sequences reminded me of Sin City's cinematic atmosphere) halfway down the movie we have very mediocre fighting and shooting scenes where much more effort was needed from the réalisateurs.

The few IMDb users who have rated this movie have been extremely generous. At the time of writing, this film by Kim Sønderholm has a rating of 9,5 (I gave it a six).

One can't avoid comparing Tour de Force with other Danish products like 'Pusher' and Sønderholm film pales in comparison. Both movies have a character named 'Frank', and much like Bodnia in the first Pusher instalment, our Tour de Force Frank is something of a regular guy who has to obey orders from people much higher in the crime ladder, whether they are called 'Milo' or 'Holger'.

But Sønderholm's nemesis (the so called 'Holger') is more of a Playboy than a gangster. We first meet Holger while escorted into a meeting room by black leather bodyguards. Later on we see this Holger in sleeveless t-shirts, this time escorted by ladies and conducting all business via a cellphone.

Lastly a word about the role of Slavko Labovic. An actor of Yugoslav descent, he has been called to play though underworld guys in films like the Pusher. I expected to see more of him in this movie, though his character is merely incidental, much like the short-lived roles he played in films like 'Den Gode Stromer'. (On the other hand, one cannot conceive Pusher 3 without Labovic, where he also was a secondary actor).