The City of Your Final Destination

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28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi wins a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund…

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.3/10 (1,264 voted)

Critic's Score: 52/100

James Ivory

Stars: Omar Metwally, Anthony Hopkins, Charlotte Gainsbourg

28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi wins a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar must get through to three people who were close to Gund–his brother, widow, and younger mistress–so he can get authorization to write the biography.

Writers: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Peter Cameron


Nicholas Blandullo

Young Adam

Sofía Viruboff

Adam's Mother

James Martin


Omar Metwally

Omar Razaghi

Alexandra Maria Lara

Deirdre Rothemund

Susana Salerno

Helpful People at the Bus Depot

César Bordón

Helpful People at the Bus Depot

Diego Velazquez

Helpful People at the Bus Depot

Rossana Gabbiano

Helpful People at the Bus Depot

Julieta Vallina

Schoolbus Lady

Ambar Mallman

Portia Gund

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Arden Langdon

Laura Linney


Norma Argentina


Hector Fonseca

Old Gaucho


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Release Date: 24 June 2010

Filming Locations: Boulder, Colorado, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $8,300,000


Opening Weekend: $24,401
(18 April 2010)
(1 Screen)

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Did You Know?


In the original novel, the character of Caroline was French. The character's nationality was changed when Laura Linney expressed interest in the role.


Adam, do you like life?

Well, I wouldn't like to live forever. But um, for a little while, yes, but… yes, I like it.

But living here? You wouldn't rather be somewhere else, New York, London?


Why not?

Because you have to care about – or at least pretend to care about everything: politics, fashion, culture. It's just exhausting.

What I wouldn't give to see some new painters, a new play, go to the opera… Yes, I know. "To Moscow, Olga."


User Review

A Confounding Compound

Rating: 8/10

Greetings again from the darkness. Most everyone is familiar with the
peak of Merchant-Ivory genius which included: A Room With a View,
Remains of the Day, and Howerd's End to name a few. Ismail Merchant
died a few years ago, but director James Ivory returns with a powerful,
yet odd film based on Peter Cameron's novel.

The film boasts a very nice cast: Anthony Hopkins as the aging, gay man
who is the brother of a famous (now dead) novelist; Laura Linney as the
widow of the writer; and Charlotte Gainsbourg as the writer's former
mistress. Oh yeah, these three all live together in a compound in
Uruguay on land the writer left behind after his suicide.

The story gets interesting when Omar (played by Omar Metwally) shows up
unannounced after receiving a declination of his offer to write a
biography on the novelist. Hopkins supports the idea as he expects it
will generate book sales and revenue for the group. Linney is flat
against it thinking it will spill too many secrets. Gainsbourg
initially sides with Linney, but changes her vote when she falls for

On the surface, the story is about Omar's attempt to win Linney's
bitter character to change her mind. The much more interesting story is
Omar's awakening in this oddball community now that he is out of the
grasp of his domineering type A girlfriend and co-worker played
superbly by Alexandra Maria Lara. Talk about a personality that makes
you want to turn and walk away! She almost makes Linney's character
seem humane.

Mr. Ivory excels in subtlety and he is in fine form here. So many
"little" moments make this story really click. Not to mention it is
beautifully photographed. This is a really good film that will probably
get lost in the mass confusion of summer giants like Twilight and Toy
Story 3. If you get the chance, make the time to see this one.