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Tanner Hall is a vivid peek into the private world of an all-girls boarding school. In a cozy, but run down New England, the knot of adolescent complexity is unraveled through the coming of age stories of four teen-age girls.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 5.1/10 (371 voted)

Critic's Score: 40/100

Francesca Gregorini

Stars: Rooney Mara, Georgia King, Brie Larson

Tanner Hall is a vivid peek into the private world of an all-girls boarding school. In a cozy, but run down New England, the knot of adolescent complexity is unraveled through the coming of age stories of four teen-age girls.

Writers: Tatiana von Furstenberg, Francesca Gregorini


Rooney Mara


Georgia King


Brie Larson


Amy Ferguson


Tom Everett Scott


Amy Sedaris

Mrs. Middlewood

Chris Kattan

Mr. Middlewood

Shawn Pyfrom


Ryan Schira


Susan Misner


(as Susie Misner)

Tara Subkoff


Annika Peterson


Alaina Lauren Steinberg


(as Alaina Steinberg)

Konstantine Kakanias

Mr. Tependris

Lowry Marshall

Ms. Wallace

Lose your way. Find yourself.


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Release Date: July 2010

Filming Locations: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $3,000,000


Opening Weekend: $2,803
(11 September 2011)
(5 Screens)

Gross: $5,005
(18 September 2011)

Did You Know?


"Tanner Hall" won the jury prize for best film and Rooney Mara won the Stargazer Award at the 2010 Gen Art Film Festival.

User Review

"Tanner Hall" is a coming of age snooze fest.

Rating: 3/10

"Tanner Hall" was a film I heard nothing about before seeing it listed
on the Gen Arts website. After seeing it listed on their website, I
decided to research and see who was in it and the basic premise. After
reading the plot, seeing who was in the film, and then hearing it was
premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, it peaked my interest enough to
want to see it. I decided to attend the east coast premiere of "Tanner
Hall" at the Gen Art Film Festival in NYC on Monday April 12, 2010 and
this is my thoughts on the film.

The basic plot of "Tanner Hall" focuses on four girls at a private
boarding school in New England. Two of these girls have been friends
since childhood and the other two are just friends from the school.
Together they share their feelings and emotions in a coming of age tale
that you will soon forget as soon as you leave the theater…

I really wish I didn't have to be so harsh on this film especially
since I saw it at a festival with most of the cast sitting around me
but truth be told I really did not like this film at all. In a world
where coming of age films are a dime a dozen, a writer or director need
to make a film that really stands out from the others. That's where
"Tanner Hall's" problem begins as there is nothing even remotely new or
interesting about this film. When watching independent coming of age
story you are expecting something deeper and more powerful. We do not
get that at all. What the audience gets is such a lackluster story with
a lot of one-dimensional characters and lack of emotion.

I think the main problem lies on the writing, which is just awful. The
characters in this film are all stereotypical and one dimensional. You
have the horny teacher, the cheating husband, the slutty school girl,
the depressed school girl, the love confused school girl, and of course
the sexually confused school girl. None of these characters are written
with much depth. I feel bad saying it since it was written and directed
by two friends Francesca Gregorini and Tatiana Von Furstenberg who
seemed extremely passionate about the film. To me everything from the
story to the stereotypical characters to the lack of character
development is what really hurt this film. I felt maybe if these two
passionate ladies didn't write the film but direct it or maybe vice
versa it would have been a lot better.

The other issue I had was some of the actors…I don't know who's idea
it was to put Chris Kattan in this film but man was he awful. This guy
can barely pull off a comedy routine and this is coming from someone
who somewhat enjoyed "Corky Romano" (yes I know it's a bad film…but I
laughed for some reason) and they put him in a movie like this as the
subtle comic relief. It just doesn't work. Also, why is Amy Sedaris in
this film? What a useless role for her? She is such a gifted funny
woman and in this film I just can't wait for her scene to end. Maybe
it's just that the comedy aspect the directors/writers were trying to
convey didn't fit the tone of the film.

As for the rest the primary cast, they all did "alright" in their roles
based on what the script had to offer. Brie Larson plays basically the
same role she plays on "The United States of Tara" but as I said its
all the script asked of her. Rooney Mara does alright as well although
I think she has more potential than this movie let on. She was really
good in "Youth in Revolt," which was a good coming of age story.
Georgia King should just be deemed the queen of boarding school films
because if you look at her resume, she has done so many. I don't really
think she did much in her role nor did I find much effort was needed to
play the character. Amy Ferguson did an OK job as the sexual confused
girl. And lastly, Tom Everett Scott also known as "that guy" does not
offer anything at all to the film. His character is not only dull and
poorly written but probably the least developed out of all the

Bottom Line: "Tanner Hall" felt uninspired, long, boring and most
importantly it did nothing to capture the audiences attention. I know I
am just one person and it's only my opinion but being a film lover I
have to say I seen better and by better I mean a lot better. I usually
enjoy coming of age films and can name several good ones including
"Thirteen," "Lost & Delirious," and "Emperor's Club" just to name a
few. This genre especially ones that focus on boarding schools are not
normally the subject to much appeal, not even in the independent film
world. I hate to say it but there really isn't anything that made this
film even remotely memorable. I do however feel both Francesca
Gregorini and Tatiana Von Furstenberg are very passionate people and I
really wish them much success in the future. I hope "Tanner Hall" is
just the speed bump in their careers because it's just a coming of age
snooze fest from start to finish.

MovieManMenzel's final rating for "Tanner Hall" is a 3 out of 10.