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Still of David Zayas in SkylineStill of Eric Balfour in SkylineStill of Eric Balfour, Colin Strause, Greg Strause and Scottie Thompson in SkylineStill of Neil Hopkins in SkylineSkylineStill of Eric Balfour, Brittany Daniel and Crystal Reed in Skyline


Jarrod, an artist, and his girlfriend Elaine have flown to Los Angeles for Jarrod's best friend Terry's birthday party.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 4.5/10 (41,973 voted)

Critic's Score: 26/100

Colin Strause

Stars: Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson

Jarrod and his pregnant girlfriend Elaine travel to Los Angeles to meet his old friend and successful entrepreneur Terry, and his wife Candice. Terry gives a party in his apartment for Jarrod and offers a job position to him in LA. Terry's assistant and lover Denise (Crystal Reed) and his friend Ray (Neil Hopkins) sleep on the couch in the living room, but in the dawn of the next morning, the group is awakened by mysterious beams of blue light. Ray stares at the light and is taken by the mysterious force. The group of friends try to escape from the alien invaders.

Writers: Joshua Cordes, Liam O'Donnell


Eric Balfour


Scottie Thompson


Brittany Daniel


Crystal Reed


Neil Hopkins


David Zayas


Donald Faison


Robin Gammell


Tanya Newbould


J. Paul Boehmer


Phet Mahathongdy

Airplane Mom

(as Phet Mahathongdy O'Donnell)

Byron McIntyre

Limo Driver

Jackie Marin

Girl in Pool

Tony Black

Guy at Party

Eliza Till

Girl at Party

Soon, our first encounter will become our last stand.


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Release Date: 12 November 2010

Filming Locations: Cove Condominiums – 13650 Marina Pointe Drive, Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $10,000,000


Opening Weekend: $11,692,415
(14 November 2010)
(2880 Screens)

Gross: $78,693,371
(30 August 2011)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


There are over 800 VFX shots in the film, more than most franchise tent poles.


Right after the aliens land, Terry walks toward the window and his Superman tattoo is visible on his right upper arm. However, in a previous scene, when he is walking to the swimming pool bar, the tattoo does not exist.


[first lines]

[a bright blue light shines through the blinds and the bed shakes]
Oh, how's it morning already?

User Review

An intelligent Scifi that doesn't cater to the crowd

Rating: 10/10

After reading so many negative reviews I was actually considering not
going to watch it….

I was expecting the worst I even took my android phone in case it was
really bad and I could of played a couple of games.

This film doesn't follow the Hollywood method it doesn't have a normal
ending, characters are not printed on politically correct paper.

I found the reactions of the people involved to be realistic, normal
people with small minds and grasping to small problems in a situation
they have no control over..

A humankind shown to be 99.999% normal petty and none heroic.

We watch so many films that follow a formula that show man out to be
this amazing being who always survives always wins we are so use to
being saved and its not really true is it ? We don't have a ace pilot
or elitist hacker we don't have a superhero to fix it all, we be in
trouble if something more advanced than us comes to play.

To me this makes it an awesome film and strangely I found the rest of
the people in the cinema of the same mind as soon as the film finished
people I didn't know started discussing it as a bit of fresh air.

If you like your films like independence day or Armageddon or any film
where humankind are groomed and praised where a prayer to the gods or a
speech by the president saves the day then you probably won't like this

I look forward to seeing skyline 2