January 3rd, 2010


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Still of Perdita Weeks, Courtney Hope, Ruta Gedmintas, Joshua Bowman and Jamie Blackley in ProwlStill of Perdita Weeks, Courtney Hope and Ruta Gedmintas in ProwlStill of Bruce Payne and Saxon Trainor in ProwlStill of Courtney Hope and Ruta Gedmintas in Prowl

Amber dreams of escaping her small town existence and persuades her friends to accompany her to find an apartment in the big city...

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 4.7/10 (1,785 voted)

Director: Patrik Syversen

Stars: Ruta Gedmintas, Joshua Bowman, Perdita Weeks

Amber dreams of escaping her small town existence and persuades her friends to accompany her to find an apartment in the big city. When their transportation breaks down, she and her friends gratefully accept a ride in the back of a semi. But when the driver refuses to stop and they discover the cargo is hundreds of cartons of blood, they panic. Their panic turns to terror when the truck disgorges them into a dark, abandoned warehouse where blood-thirsty creatures learn to hunt human prey, which, the friends realize, is what they now are...

Ruta Gedmintas - Suzy
Joshua Bowman - Peter
Perdita Weeks - Fiona
Jamie Blackley - Ray
Courtney Hope - Amber
Saxon Trainor - Veronica
Bruce Payne - Bernard
Oliver Hawes - Eric
Atanas Srebrev - Max
Michael Johnson - Keith
Laurel Lefkow - Amber's Mom
George Oliver - Runt
George Zlatarev - Junkie (as Georgi Zlatarev)
Anton Trendafilov - Dirty Man
Alexander Spasova - Tranny Junkie

Taglines: She was running from her life. Now she's running for it.

Release Date: 3 Jan 2010

Filming Locations: Bulgaria

User Review

One of Them

Rating: 4/10

In Famfield, the teenager Amber (Courtney Hope) feels displaced and dreams on moving to Chicago. When she learns that she is the foster daughter of her mother, she decides to move to the big city. Amber has a short schedule to pay the rent of an apartment in Chicago and she convinces her friends to travel with her to the windy city. However the van breaks down and they hitchhike on the road.

The truck driver Bernard (Bruce Payne) offers a ride to the group but they need to travel inside the back of a semi. Bernard does not stop the truck and they realize that they have been kidnapped. When he finally stops and opens the semi, they find that they are inside a dirty warehouse. Sooner they are hunted by fast blood-thirsty creatures and their leader Veronica (Saxon Trainor) discloses a secret to Amber.

"Prowl" is a collection of clichés, with the traditional group of teenagers that are abducted and brought to a remote area and are attacked by creatures very similar to those in "30 Days of Night". The only difference is the twist in the end when Amber learns that she is one of them, but it is not enough to make the film good. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "A Armadilha" ("The Trap")