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Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are getting fired because of the economic crisis. They decide that they won't pay for anything anymore.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 6.4/10 (5,137 voted)

Steffen Haars

Stars: Antonie Kamerling, Frank Lammers, Reinout Oerlemans

Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are being fired because of the economic crisis. They decide not to pay for anything anymore. They're stealing beer and food, while the police tries to end their efforts. Unfortunately, the retarded cop from Maaskantje is unable to stop the five friends so the minister of defense decides to send help….

Writers: Steffen Haars, Flip Van der Kuil


Antonie Kamerling

Peter Kelder

Frank Lammers


Reinout Oerlemans


Theo Maassen

Man 1 in cafe

Huub Smit

Richard Batsbak

Steffen Haars

Robbie Schuurmans

Flip Van der Kuil

Barrie Butsers

Tim Haars

Gerrie van Boven

Nicole van Nierop


Hans Teeuwen

Rikkert's boss

Patrick Stoof

Gerrie's boss

Wesley van Gaalen

Rikkert Biemans

Guido Pollemans

D'N Dave

Lars Boekhorst

Guy with Down syndrome

Peter Aerts


Release Date: 9 December 2010

Filming Locations: 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Box Office Details

Budget: €1,500,000


Opening Weekend: €1,621,022
(13 December 2010)
(90 Screens)

Gross: €8,786,756
(13 February 2011)

Did You Know?


Antonie Kamerling, a well-known actor in Holland, was a fan of the series on which the movie was based, and requested to be in the movie alongside his good friend, Reinout Oerlemans, also the movie's producer. Sadly, Kamerling committed suicide before the movie's premiere, but his family agreed to leave his one scene in the movie.


When Peter Aerts is eating in his house, there are 2 remote controls on the table. When Peter Aerts puts his cash on the table, the remotes are gone.

User Review

Very great fun

Rating: 8/10

Just went to see it and I have to admit, the movie exceeded
expectations tremendously. Having seen the sketches in before (and
liking them a lot) I was really concerned that transforming this to a
feature length movie would not work. I stand corrected.

The story is quite thin, but that's not bad. The five main characters
all loose their job on the same day and then decide not to pay for
anything at all any more. With the rest of the country following their
example the economy collapses. The government tries to put them in
prison for it (but fails horribly) resulting in what the guys do best,
putting up some sketch and making the whole audience laugh.

There's one very bad point in the movie. (This is where the spoiler
comes). It's the part where Reinout Oerlemans "walks in", declaring
that the budget for the movie is spent and the cast just have to tell
you the story. They really should not have done that.

Apart from that, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh, and if you don't
like the "New Kids" sketches on youtube, don't bother. You won't like
the movie. If you're not familiar with those, find some especially the
one with "the red one (die rooie)" and then decide. If you like them,
go see it.