Morning Glory

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An upstart television producer accepts the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co-hosts.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 6.5/10 (23,466 voted)

Critic's Score: 57/100

Roger Michell

Stars: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton

Becky (Rachel McAdams) is a hard-working morning TV show producer, or at least she was until she got fired. Desperate to get a job, she finally gets an interview with Jerry (Jeff Goldblum) – who is desperate to hire a producer for the struggling show "Daybreak". Becky accepts the job and it proves to be more difficult than even she might be able to handle. She has to fire the sexist co-host, then try to convince egotistical news reporter, Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), to take the job, and then try and get him to actually do the job, properly. And she has to do this while falling for handsome Adam (Patrick Wilson), and trying to save the show from plummeting ratings. Will Becky be able to hold on to her dream job and her sanity?


Rachel McAdams

Becky Fuller

Noah Bean

First Date

Harrison Ford

Mike Pomeroy

Jack Davidson

Dog Walking Neighbor

Diane Keaton

Colleen Peck

Vanessa Aspillaga


Patrick Wilson

Adam Bennett

Jeff Goldblum

Jerry Barnes

Jeff Hiller

Sam – Channel 9 Producer

Linda Powell


Mike Hydeck


Joseph J. Vargas

Channel 9 Director

Mario Frieson

Channel 9 Technical Director

Kevin Herbst

Channel 9 Associate Director

Jerome Weinstein


Breakfast TV Just Got Interesting


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Release Date: 10 November 2010

Filming Locations: 1114 Avenue of the Americas, W. 43rd Street and 6th Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Opening Weekend: $9,203,266
(14 November 2010)
(2518 Screens)

Gross: $30,993,544
(16 January 2011)

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Did You Know?


The shooting location for the fictional IBS news studio is an actual television studio used for news and entertainment programs, located at 1114 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.


When Becky argues with Mike outside the IBS building, the position of her fringe changes several times between shots.


Mike Pomeroy:
I'm not saying the word fluffy!

User Review

Morning Glory – refreshingly sweet

Rating: 7/10

Rachel McAdams leads the way in this surprisingly refreshing flick as
the workaholic television show producer, Becky, who lands the job of
organizing "the worst morning show ever". She only has a short time to
save the show's plummeting ratings, and in doing so must battle with
low worker morale, conceited anchors, poor working conditions, as well
as her own inadequacy in dealing with guy-problems. Desperate for a
change, she recruits the legendary newscaster Mike Pomeroy, played by
Harrison Ford, who is less than willing to cover any story he does not
consider "worthy of his reputation".

The film brings not just a comic story of working with grumpy people,
but the beautiful emotional tale of a girl who realizes her dream of
being a television producer and, by pulling everyone together against
the odds, creates a family in the process. But where the story is
rather run-of-the-mill, the chemistry between the impressive cast is
the movie's redeeming quality. Across the board, acting was fantastic,
and in all honesty the movie owes its success to McAdams and Ford.
Rachel McAdams should be commended for her frustrated role as Becky,
and has proved that she has much more to offer than a just pretty face.
Harrison Ford, perhaps the true star of the show, fully embraced the
character of Pomeroy did a wonderfully fantastic job being grumpy,
conceited, and an all-around "asshole" in one of his best roles as of

Morning Glory is a nice tale that will leave you with a sweet taste in
your mouth. Combined with some real solid acting, this is not a movie
you'll regret checking out!