Machete Joe

January 3, 2010 0 By Fans
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A group of out-of-work actors decide to take their careers into their own hands by shooting a low-budget horror film…

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 2.5/10 (60 voted)

Sasha Krane

Stars: Monique Barajas, Chris Blasman, Malika Blessing

A group of out-of-work actors decide to take their careers into their own hands by shooting a low-budget horror film, about an urban myth. With only 15 days to shoot their unfinished script, at a remote castle in the desert, getting through the first night becomes a nightmare. As their egos begin to surface so do the dead bodies.


Monique Barajas


Chris Blasman


Malika Blessing

Thelma Beard

Jason Bonduris

Stan Ross

Paul Campbell

Machete Joe

Art Evans


Ian Fisher


Erica Gimpel


Gordon Greene


Temple Greene

Deputy Peachtree

Anthony Grow

Local Boy #1

Gimel Hooper


Ernie Hudson

Sheriff Taylor

Gerald James


Gwen McGee

Roz Baker

Tragedy made him a monster. Vengeance made him a killer.

Release Date: 3 Jan 2010

Filming Locations: Castle Ranch – 44901 Fairmont Road, Lancaster, California, USA

User Review

A terrible mess of a movie that gets nothing right

Rating: 1/10

I don't want to spend more time than I have to here, so i'll keep it
brief: this is a public service to try and keep those out there from
watching this crap. This is one of the worst movies ever made. Not in a
'oh it's bad so it's the worst' I mean as in nothing is good about it.
I don't give many movies a 1 (maybe 10 total out of the over 3000 i've
seen) , I can usually find SOMETHING good about them, but not with this
garbage heap of celluloid.

It does nothing right. Acting, directing, editing, characters, plot,
even the gore is all off screen! As I said, there's not a single reason
to make this movie, much less pay to see it.

I can appreciate the 'cheesy & so bad it's good movie', but this is not
one of those. It's one of those 'handful of bad actors and a camera
with no script, money, or ideas' type of movie…

Be warned, don't watch this, you will regret it!

PS: Don't listen to the review from quisys. He calls my review into
question, yet has no other ratings or board history other than
reviewing this movie and giving it a 10. Clearly a friend of the
director or something, it's funny he calls my review disingenuous then
has NO other reviews, ratings, or board history. And 1 person has voted
my review not helpful, Gee, I wonder who…