Get Him to the Greek

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Still of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in Get Him to the GreekStill of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in Get Him to the GreekRussell Brand at event of Get Him to the GreekStill of Jonah Hill in Get Him to the GreekStill of Nicholas Stoller and Russell Brand in Get Him to the GreekStill of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in Get Him to the Greek


A record company intern is hired to accompany out-of-control British rock star Aldous Snow to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 6.5/10 (65,572 voted)

Critic's Score: 65/100

Nicholas Stoller

Stars: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Elisabeth Moss

English rock star Aldous Snow relapses into drugs and booze after a break up and a disastrous record. In L.A., Aaron Green works for a record company stuck in recession. Aaron's boss gives him a career making task – to bring Aldous from London to L.A. for a concert in 72 hours. That day, Aaron's girlfriend Daphne tells him she wants to finish her medical residency in Seattle. Aaron's sure this ends their relationship. In London, things aren't much better: Aldous delays their departure several times, plies Aaron with vices, and alternates between bad behavior and trenchant observations. Can Aaron moderate Aldous's substance abuse and get him to the Greek? What about Daphne?

Writers: Nicholas Stoller, Jason Segel


Russell Brand

Aldous Snow

Rose Byrne

Jackie Q

Tyler McKinney

African Child in Video

Zoe Salmon


Lino Facioli


Lars Ulrich


Mario López




Billy Bush


Kurt Loder


(as Kurt F. Loder)

Christina Aguilera


Colm Meaney

Jonathan Snow

Ray Siegle

Paparazzo in Los Angeles

Chad Cleven

Paparazzo in Los Angeles

Jonathan Chris Lopez

Paparazzo in Los Angeles

Arriving This Summer (Hopefully)


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Release Date: 4 June 2010

Filming Locations: 550 S. Flower St, Los Angeles, California, USA

Opening Weekend: $17,570,955
(6 June 2010)
(2697 Screens)

Gross: $60,923,325
(8 August 2010)

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Did You Know?


The Greek Theatre's marquee includes Bob and the Yeoman, a reference to director of photography Robert D. Yeoman.


Errors in geography:
During the drive from Vegas to L.A., the mountains behind Aldous Snow change and become darker (as if the sun was setting) within a few seconds.


Aldous Snow:
[as he is watching TV]
Didn't I have sex with her once?
[Aldous sees Sarah Marshall on TV]

Aldous Snow:
Yeah, I did.

User Review

Fantastic Spin-Off

Rating: 9/10

Opening up with the shooting of Aldos Snow's latest music video and
then showing his downward spiral that leads to present day was the
hilarious, perfect beginning for this innovative comedic spin-off. If
you saw 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' then this is exactly what you would
expect a movie about Aldos Snow to be like. This movie has a heart that
I did not expect to see, it's buried under lewd, vulgar and brilliant
wit, but it's in there.

Russell Brand just opens his mouth and his words are comedic gold.
Jonah Hill takes a step out of his comfort zone, a bit, and plays a "no
confidence good guy". (Usually he's the overconfident prick, for all
you naysayers). Diddy delivers a surprisingly strong performance that
I'm sure shocked anyone who sees him. He's actually hilarious! His
repartee with everyone he comes into contact with is spot-on. The
entire cast has hilarious one-liners and the two main characters really
make this movie a joy to watch.

The plot is actually a creative one, something we don't see a lot of
nowadays. Albeit the humor treads into "familiar gross-out" jokes,
there are clever jokes too. But it's all you have to expect when
following "Rock and Roll personified". Another point I was surprised by
was that a lot… a lot of the scenes from the trailers were not in the
movie. I thought that was a good and bad thing. Good because it didn't
show us stuff we've already seen and gave us the chance to see new
stuff. But bad because a few of the scenes were real funny.

For the critics who are hating this movie: Do you like comedy? Do you
like Apatow's stuff? Do you like Russell Brand or Jonah Hill? If the
answer is no to any 2 of these… why are you reviewing this movie?
Your opinion is pointless for the people that actually DO like these