Fortress of War

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Fortress of WarFortress of WarFortress of WarFortress of WarFortress of WarFortress of War


A war drama set during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, in which Russian troops held on to a border stronghold for nine days.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 7.5/10 (2,579 voted)

Aleksandr Kott

Stars: Evgeniy Tsyganov, Pavel Derevyanko, Anna Tsukanova

The film shows the heroic defense of the Brest Fortress, which had taken upon the first strike of German fascist invaders on June 22 1941. Story describes the events of the first days of the defense. The film tells about three main resistance zones, headed by the regiment commander, Pyotr Mikhailovich Gavrilov, the commissar Efim Moiseevich Fomin and the head of the 9th frontier outpost, Andrey Mitrofanovich Kizhevatov. Many years later veteran Alexander Akimov again and again recalls the memories of the time, when he, then a 15 year old Sasha Akimov was deeply in love with the beautiful Anya and suddenly found himself in the middle of the bloody events of war.

Writers: Igor Ugolnikov, Vladimir Yeryomin


Evgeniy Tsyganov

Lieutenant Pochernikov

Pavel Derevyanko

Yefim Fomin

Anna Tsukanova


Andrey Merzlikin

Lieutenant Kizhevatov

Aleksei Kopashov

Sashka Akimov

(as Alyosha Kopashov)

Aleksandr Korshunov

Petr Gavrilov

Veronika Nikonova

Anya Kizhevatova

Madlen Dzhabrailova

Anatoly Kot

Major WPRA

Yana Yesipovich

KIzhevatov's wife

Vladimir Kapustin

Tatyana Kamina

Aleksandra Pochernikova

Kirill Boltaev

Lieutenant Vinogradov

Ilya Mozgovoi

Aleksandr Sirin


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Release Date: 4 November 2010

Filming Locations: Brest, Belarus

User Review

Russian Alamo – maybe the best war movie in last 20 years.

Rating: 10/10

"- This fortress, fortress here, we keep the defense, – This fortress,
fortress here, we keep the defense…"

This film is perhaps the best, but certainly one of the best war films
made in the past 20 years in Europe. Talking about the legend of the
Second World War, the epic Brest fortress that was first attacked by
the Nazi hordes, the first day of the war with the USSR 22nd June 1941.

The story tells of a young boy who is a trumpeter in the orchestra in
Brest fortress and all the time movie battle through hell trying to
find a girlfriend who is lost in the war. During his quest he survives
the horrors of the battle in which he actively participate.

The film is full of scenes of war, desperate efforts of the Russian
soldiers who defended the fort, during the most certainly futile
struggle. While it is a fortress under siege, the German army has
penetrated far beyond the fortress that is doomed to fail, but even
when they find out, Russian soldiers decided to fight to the end.
Excellent film directed complemented by the strong acting and perfect
music. Scenes of war are almost epic, presented with the harsh reality.

Brest Fortress is something similar like the American fort Alamo, just
became much larger and more powerful symbol of the perseverance of
Russian troops, tragedies, and ultimate victory.

The film certainly has to be seen, and the quality of acting, directing
and scenes of war, beyond almost all the western movies so far

The film shows the people and the destiny woven through this historical
epic about the Brest fortress. Avoided, and quite nice, skilled and
successful, politics and ideology, and instead of great political
speeches film shows pure heroism, struggle, and an iron will, not only
from the military fortress of the crew, but also the entire Soviet
people to defend the country from the fascist hordes .

Ordinary people, cooks, musicians, soldiers, doctors, civilians become
suddenly, on that fateful morning of the 22nd June 1941, heroes, they
want it or not, they like it or not. The film shows the harsh reality.
Absolute lack of preparation and complete negligence of the Soviet army
before the dawn of war, a total neglect of the defense of the nation
from German aggression. Shows the persistent struggle of the army
commander, Major Gavrilov and warning of impending war.

And Germans come as a shock bolt from the blue. The collapse of the
Soviet military is obvious. Mass deaths, the collapse front, panic and
chaos. From such chaos and terror, the rise of the heroic figures of
defense fortress. Major Gavrilov, political commissar of Fomin and many
others that his example of heroism, defiance and leadership endured ten
times stronger against the German enemy, to the last drop of blood, the
last bullet, the last drop of water …

Long after the movie, in your ears will ring a continuous repetition of
words spoken бѕ radio operator from the fortress:

"- This fortress, fortress here, we keep the defense, – This fortress,
fortress here, we keep the defense…"