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A group of teachers must defend themselves from a gang of murderous kids when their school comes under siege after hours.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 4.7/10 (1,538 voted)

Johannes Roberts

Stars: David Schofield, Eliza Bennett, Ruth Gemmell

In England, the teacher of the Wittering College Robert Anderson is hit on the face by a student and is forced to take three months vacation to be not sued by the parents of the kid. Robert is affected by the incident and a couple of months later, he is emotionally disturbed, alcoholic and separated of his wife Helen. Their daughter Kate lives with her mother and has classes with Robert, but she does not respect her father. The principal of Wittering College, Sarah Balham (Ruth Gemmell), loathes Robert and wants to get rid of him, but the Union does not allow her to fire him. When Robert reads about violence in another school, he sends a memo advising the employees of the school and he is considered paranoid and delusional by everybody. One day after hours, Robert notes some strange movements outside the school and he advises the security guard James that does not give much attention to the discredited Robert…


David Schofield

Robert Anderson

Eliza Bennett

Kate Anderson

Ruth Gemmell

Sarah Balham

Juliet Aubrey

Helen Anderson

Emma Cleasby


Finlay Robertson


Roxanne McKee


Tom Mannion


Max Fowler

Jake Eaves

Mike Burnside


Christopher Adamson


Jamie Kenna

Brian Stanton

Tina Barnes


Alexander Ellis


Ian Cullen

Maths Teacher


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Release Date: 17 September 2010

Box Office Details

Budget: £150,000


User Review


Rating: 3/10

Where to start? No on-screen violence. No identities for the hoodies or
any real reason why they decided to kill everyone. Not a single likable
character. The protagonist is an alcoholic who hits his own 16 year-old
daughter! There's no one to root for, I wanted them all to die. It's a

These 'hoodies', you still can't see any part of their faces even in
scenes where there are big fluorescent lights above them! Logic check!
If you go by the start, they are also supposed to be 'F' grade students
taking revenge (although this isn't clear), but they must have 'A'
grades in Athletics because they run about on large bookcases in the
library, fall from the ceiling at every opportunity, they act like
stealth ninjas from start to finish.

The ending. Well, there isn't one. The few people that had actually
stayed in the cinema just muttered "What?". It's all a very confusing
and badly put together mess. Avoid.