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Release Year: 2010

Rating: 5.7/10 (779 voted)

Fernanda Cardoso

Stars: Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer, Katherine Ann McGregor


Allison McAtee


Sarah Stouffer


Katherine Ann McGregor


Erika Heidewald


Chelsea Rogers


Matthew W. Allen

Pool Player

J. Blakemore


Seth Cheek

Teaching Assistant

Jim Dougherty

Professor Newberry

John Dreher


Jonny Dumser


Steven Durgarn

Professor Hecht

(as Donald A. Becker)

Kayla Gill

Female Reporter

Chris Koon

College Student

Ana Liza Platt



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Release Date: 3 Jan 2010

Did You Know?


"Bloomington" was filmed in Carmel and Columbus, Indiana.


Jackie drops a cap from the cleaning agent bottle in the washing machine, but as she looks inside the machine, the cap is screwed on the bottle.


It's like if you… if you deny yourself something long enough… for whatever self-imposed reason, you know, the moment you are faced with any real external imposition you're going to voluntarily want to do the thing that you were trying so hard not to do.

User Review

More romantic than drama.

Rating: 7/10

I was fortunate to be given a DVD screener of this from a friend. At
first i thought i was not going to like it one bit as i am more into
action movies, but watched it from start to finish and found it to be
quite good acting and also quite a good story. I imagined there was
going to be something sinister due to the fact that it is a story about
a sexual, or lesbian relationship between -teacher and student and was
expecting to see a teacher stalking a young student but that does not
happen and Jackie (the student) accepts the first kiss in an isolated
area of the school grounds quite willingly.From then on the movie
evolves mainly focused on the romance that develops between the two of
them. Catherine,(the professor) reminded me somewhat of Sharron Stone
when she acted in the movie-Basic instinct.I found this to be light
hearted and romantic and the only drama was when Jackie decides to
return Home and the relationship is threatened.There is no erotica or
nude scenes as some would expect with our modern day films. probably
not one you would race to the box office over but i found it quite a
relaxing watch.