The Fish Child

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The Fish ChildThe Fish ChildThe Fish Child


A desperate love story between two young girls of extremely social backgrounds who, unable to find a place for their love in the world they live in, are pushed to commit a crime.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 5.8/10 (788 voted)

Lucía Puenzo

Stars: Inés Efron, Mariela Vitale, Pep Munné

Lala, a teenager from the most exclusive suburban neighborhood in Argentina is in love with the Guayi, the 20-year-old Payaguayan maid working at her place. They dream of living together in Paraguay, at the shores of lake Ypoá. Robbing every purse and wallet in the house to fulfill their dream, hiding the money in a shoe box. But when the box is full, it bursts, fueled by desire, jealousy and rage. This is the starting point that spurs the escape through the highway that connects the North of Buenos Aires with Paraguay. While Lala waits to be reunited with her lover in Ypoá by reconstructing her past (the mystery surrounding her pregnancy and the legend of a fish child who guides the drowned to the bottom of the lake), the Guayi is detained in a minors institute in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. She turns out to be hiding a crime from long ago.

Writers: Lucía Puenzo, Lucía Puenzo


Inés Efron


Mariela Vitale

La Guayi

(as Mariela Vitale Emme)

Pep Munné

El juez Bronté

Diego Velázquez

el Vasco

Carlos Bardem

Comisario Pulido

Arnaldo André

Sócrates Espina

Ailín Salas

la Guayi niña

Sandra Guida


Julián Doregger


Loren Acuña

Irene Almus

Leticia Bacci

Agustina Baldín

Mario Barroso

Jorge Booth


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Release Date: 9 April 2009

Filming Locations: Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina

Technical Specs


(Berlin International Film Festival)

User Review

Great performances, confusing development of the story

Rating: 6/10

Good intentions, no so well translated to the screen. In a way, confuse
in many moments, not so clear in others; all related without a clear
cinematographic language.

A feeling that the story is what in Spanish we call "tirada de los
pelos"; exaggerated situations without a clear context between one
situation with another.

Great performances of Ines Efron and specially of Mariela Vitale -the
daughter of Lito Vitale, wow!-, that studied guarani for her role on
this movie, a revelation as actress. A special mention for Arnaldo
Andre, too.