Dead Man Running

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A loan shark gives ex-con Nick a period of 24 hours in order to pay back the money he owes. Up against it…

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 5.8/10 (1,721 voted)

Alex De Rakoff

Stars: Danny Dyer, 50 Cent, Tamer Hassan

A loan shark gives ex-con Nick a period of 24 hours in order to pay back the money he owes. Up against it, Nick involves his best mate on a multi-part mission in order to raise the cash before it's too late for them both.

Writers: Alex De Rakoff, John Luton


Danny Dyer


50 Cent


Tamer Hassan


Esmé Bianco

Herself – Featured Burlesque Performer

Monet Mazur


Brenda Blethyn


Philip Davis

Johnny Sands

Blake Ritson


Alan Ford


Bronson Webb


Scot Williams


Robert Stone

The Lump

Joe Egan

Big Man

Rupert Degas

Football Commentator

Jeff Stewart

Tiffany's Client


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Release Date: 30 October 2009

Filming Locations: London, England, UK

Box Office Details

Budget: $5,000,000


Gross: £410,250
(8 November 2009)

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Plot holes:
Nick only just makes the train from Manchester to London before it leaves, but the man following him is already on the train waiting for him. There was no way for the man to know Nick would get that exact train beforehand, and in fact he very nearly did miss it.

User Review

Dead Film Walking more like…

Rating: 4/10

'Dead Man Running' sees the cinematic Cockney wide boys Tamer Hassan
and Danny Dyer join together for yet another jolly boys outing on the
big screen. Except this time instead of playing raging football
hooligans destroying East London one shop window at a time, they are
instead pushed into the world of the British Gangster flick. Which
sounds like potential entertainment, but it really isn't. It'll help
you fill an hour and thirty minutes of free time, but you won't be
rushing to see it again at the Cinema, or out to buy the DVD, or see to
it on pay-television…

The opening scene of the film shows that the recession has had far and
wide reaching consequences across the economic board as the underworld
boss Mr Thigo (Curtis '50' Jackson) decides to draw in every penny from
all the outstanding loans he is currently owed. While Nick (Hassan) is
the unfortunate customer who is going to be made an example of by Thigo
to make sure everybody pays up promptly and without hassle – Barclays
Banking this is not. Nick is given twenty-four hours to acquire the
hundred grand he owes Thigo otherwise he and his mother (Brenda
Blethyn) will be sleeping with the fishes. Cue a frantic race across
London with his business partner and working-class friend Bing (Danny
Dyer) in tow as they attempt various different activities while trying
to raise the debt and stay alive.

Hassan and Dyer play the typical characters you have seen them time and
time again, and it is now becoming a little annoying as well as
entirely predictable and boring. Nick is a former 'hardman' who was a
resident at Her Majesty's service before taking the legal and
law-abiding route so he could care for his family. While Bing is his
right-hand man who is willing to do almost anything to help Nick obtain
the £100,000 that he owes. Yet there is one gleaming performance in
this stiff, wooden cast which is that of veteran British actress Brenda
Blethyn who plays Nick's caring, soft, yet incredibly versatile mother
who provides not only the biggest laugh of the film, but also the
tensest scene as we uncover a secret she has kept buried under her

I was never expecting a brilliant film from Alex De Rakoff's British
crime flick 'Dead Man Running', but I was expecting more considering
the decent cast it contains. It fails to harbour the primarily British
cast's potential and instead delivers a predictable narrative coupled
with a terribly clichéd script. The biggest problem however is the fact
that despite being evenly and well paced, the film has nothing which
will keep an audience's attention for longer than five minutes.