Bleed with Me

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Laura is having a day that can hardly get any worse, but then she stumbles into a cabdriver and things are about to get even worse.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 4.3/10 (103 voted)

Emil Ishii

Stars: Camilla Metelmann, Kim Sønderholm, Maja Muhlack

Laura is having a day that can hardly get any worse, but then she stumbles into a cabdriver and things are about to get even worse.


Camilla Metelmann


Kim Sønderholm

The Chauffeur

Maja Muhlack


Mads Koudal


Mette Løvendahl


Iman Hayani


Brian Francis Perkins

Homeless Man

Lærke Sjøsten

Laura's Collegue

Barbara Zatler


Dimitri Andriotis

Male Policeofficer

Louise Juhler

Female Policeofficer

Sune B. Larsen

Drunk on Street

Philip Nørvig

Man at Motel

Anne Worm

Woman at Motel

Alice Haaber

Laura's Mother



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Release Date: 3 Jan 2009

Filming Locations: Helsingør, Sjælland, Denmark

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The Chauffeur's ex-girlfriend's cat is named Jonesy, as a tribute to

User Review

Brilliant, subtle and extremely effective

Rating: 10/10

Barmaid, Laura (Camilla Metelmann) has not had a good day. After an
upsetting phone call from her alcoholic mother, a long and tiring
evening at work is rounded off by a late night troublemaker. Having
missed the last bus home and and feeling both spooked and
understandably paranoid, she climbs into a taxi. She doesn't know it
yet but her evening is about to get worse. A lot worse.

The nameless taxi driver (Kim Sønderholm) into whose cab Laura has
stepped has his own plans for the evening and, although it takes a
while for her to realize this, Laura is in a great deal of trouble.

For a large part of its running time, Bleed With Me takes place
entirely within the taxi and writer/director Emil Ishii uses this
confined space to put us through what may well be the most tense and
gripping taxi ride screened to date. The film draws you right to the
edge of your seat as Laura slowly realizes that her driver is more than
just a bit quiet, and then it becomes genuinely nail-biting as it
slowly reveals just how badly events are going to turn.

That things are going to turn very bad indeed is quite clear pretty
much from the moment that Laura steps into the cab. The fact that you
know this, without knowing exactly where the plot is going to go, is
what makes the film is so effective. The tension starts building
relentlessly as soon as Laura climbs into the cab and keeps on
building, with no let-up whatsoever, as the film progresses.

There is a lot more to this film, though, than just two people in a
taxi and when the film reaches this point, it manages to very
efficiently convey the taxi driver's back story. This approach tells us
everything we need to know about the character, making him both
believable and sinister, without sacrificing an ounce of tension.

Bleed With Me is a taut, claustrophobic thriller that grips you from
the outset and doesn't let go until the final credits roll. It's a very
brutal film that manages to achieve this sense of brutality without
being particularly gory. Indeed, the sense of brutality is achieved
largely because of the absence of excessive gore.

Rather than relying on blood and guts, the film achieves its impact
through a combination of very tight plotting, grimly atmospheric and
outstanding performances on the part of both of the lead actors.

Both of the two lead characters are very well drawn and superbly
brought to life by Metelmann and Sønderholm who both deliver shockingly
powerful and utterly believable performances that really do keep you on
the edge of your seat.

Bleed With Me is one of the most frighteningly effective thrillers I
have seen in a long time. Although not particularly long, the film has
no padding and allows you absolutely no relief as it builds an
atmosphere that is both tense and unnerving. It's a psychological
thriller that exploits the fear of getting into the wrong taxi to
tremendous effect and one that will stay with you for a long time after
it's finished.