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Still of Gaelan Connell, Ryan Donowho, Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka, Charlie Saxton and Tim Jo in BandslamStill of Gaelan Connell, Todd Graff and Vanessa Hudgens in BandslamGaelan Connell and Vanessa Hudgens at event of BandslamBandslamStill of Gaelan Connell and Vanessa Hudgens in BandslamStill of Gaelan Connell in Bandslam


A new kid in town assembles a fledgling rock band — together, they achieve their dreams and compete against the best in the biggest event of the year, a battle of the bands.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.4/10 (5,863 voted)

Critic's Score: 66/100

Todd Graff

Stars: Aly Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens, Gaelan Connell

Will centers on a high school outcast and a popular girl who form an unlikely bond through their shared love of music. Assembling a like-minded crew of misfits, the friends form a rock group and perform in the battle of the bands competition at their school.

Writers: Josh A. Cagan, Todd Graff


Aly Michalka

Charlotte Barnes

Vanessa Hudgens


Gaelan Connell

Will Burton

Scott Porter

Ben Wheatly

Ryan Donowho

Basher Martin

Charlie Saxton


Lisa Kudrow

Karen Burton

Tim Jo


Elvy Yost

Irene Lerman (Cello)

Lisa Chung

Kim Lee (Keyboards)

J.W. Wright

Dylan Dyer (Glory Dogs Guitar)

(as J.W. Wright II)

Blair Bomar


Casey Williams

Ms. Wittenberg

Maggie Maye

Kyra 17-1

Jennifer Blair

Kyra's Friend

Band Together


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Release Date: 14 August 2009

Filming Locations: Austin Studios – 1901 E. 51st Street, Austin, Texas, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $20,000,000


Opening Weekend: $2,250,000
(16 August 2009)
(2 Screens)

Gross: $5,205,343
(20 September 2009)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


Shipped to theaters under the code name "Tiger Station".


When Charlotte hands Will her notebook in Wills bedroom, and we first see 'Phil's Song', the words 'Phil's Song' are written in red writing. But when Charlotte plays 'Phil's Song' on the piano and we see the notebook again, and we clearly see that the writing of 'Phil's Song' is now in newspaper cuttings, not red writing like it was previously in Wills bedroom.


Will Burton:
I think if you tried signaling, people would honk less.

Charlotte Banksasks:
They don't need to know my business.

Will Burton:
…It's not really a privacy issue.

User Review

excellent family movie

Rating: 9/10

I rate it an 8 only because for a PG movie kids younger than 12 might
not get what the movie is about; though they might just think it's
about singing. Which is not bad because the movie has excellent music
selection, flows with scene transition very well. Teenagers will love
this movie for sure; but parents will be pleasantly surprise. The
dialogs are well written – witty and not contrive. Each characters and
their dynamic are well developed and relatable. You laugh; you cry, but
at the end you leave the theater with a smile on your face, forgetting
that you have just spent almost 2 hrs in a theater. All actors were on
point in playing their characters. Great casting. This is the sleeper
movie of the summer.