Under Still Waters

January 3, 2008 0 By Fans
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A young married couple encounters a stranger who threatens their marriage and their lives.

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 4.9/10 (295 voted)

Carolyn Miller

Stars: Lake Bell, Jason Biondo, Jason Clarke

A young married couple encounters a stranger who threatens their marriage and their lives.


Lake Bell


Jason Biondo


Jason Clarke


Clifton Collins Jr.


Christopher Harris

Deputy Buford Buegley

Ken Howard


Frankie Ingrassia


Patrick Killoran

Young Swimmer

Tony Michilak


Patrick Miller


R.J. Cutler

Radio Announcer

(as RJ Cutler)

Some secrets are impossible to keep.

Release Date: 3 Jan 2008

Filming Locations: Owensville, Missouri, USA

Technical Specs


User Review

WriterDirector Carolyn Miller is in over her head here

Rating: 6/10

About the only thing this would-be Hitchcock rip-off has going for it
is a cool DVD cover picture of lead actress Lake Bell up to her chin in
a lake. Unfortunately, this shot is NOT from a scene in the movie.
Worse yet, this picture is more interesting than anything that actually
IS shown in the film. In an apparent effort to seem clever, UNDER STILL
WATERS writerdirector Carolyn Miller throws in one after another
increasingly incomprehensible plot twist as this lame flick nears its
totally inscrutable finale. Apparently Miller feels viewers should be
forced to read between the lines, and fill in all the blanks by
extrapolating what the missing scenes would have looked like if she had
been able to fit more of the script into her shooting schedule. I say,
to heck with that. If I'm shelling out 50 cents to rent a movie, I do
not want to be forced into doing $40,000 worth of "script doctor" work
in my head in order to complete what the writerdirector MAY have
wished to convey on-screen (but failed abysmally to do so). If you have
been able to stomach UNDER STILL WATERS all the way through to the end,
ask yourself these questions: did deputy Buford REALLY exist, or was he
just a figment of someone's imagination, and if so, whose? Better yet,
whether real or imagined, WHY kill him?