The Fall

January 3rd, 2008


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In a hospital on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an injured stuntman begins to tell a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm, a fantastical story about 5 mythical heroes. Thanks to his fractured state of mind and her vivid imagination, the line between fiction and reality starts to blur as the tale advances.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 7.9/10 (42,831 voted)

Critic's Score: 64/100

Director: Tarsem Singh

Stars: Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru, Justine Waddell

At a Los Angeles hospital in the 1920s, Alexandria is a child recovering from a broken arm. She befriends Roy Walker, a movie stunt man with legs paralyzed after a fall. At her request, Roy tells her an elaborate story about six men of widely varied backgrounds who are on a quest to kill a corrupt provincial governor. Between chapters of the story, Roy inveigles Alexandria to scout the hospital's pharmacy for morphine. As Roy's fantastic tale nears its end, Death seems close at hand.

Writers: Dan Gilroy, Nico Soultanakis

Catinca Untaru - Alexandria
Justine Waddell - Nurse Evelyn / Sister Evelyn
Lee Pace - Roy Walker / Red Bandit
Kim Uylenbroek - Doctor / Alexander the Great
Aiden Lithgow - Alexander's Messenger
Sean Gilder - Walt Purdy
Ronald France - Otto
Andrew Roussouw - Mr. Sabatini
Michael Huff - Dr. Whitaker
Grant Swanby - Father Augustine
Emil Hostina - Alexandria's Father / Blue Bandit
Robin Smith - Luigi / One Legged Actor
Jeetu Verma - Indian / Orange Picker
Leo Bill - Darwin / Orderly
Marcus Wesley - Otta Benga / Ice Delivery Man

Taglines: A Little Blessing In Disguise.


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Release Date: 3 January 2008

Filming Locations: Agra Fort, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Opening Weekend: RUR 3,780,988 (Russia) (6 January 2008) (62 Screens)

Gross: $2,280,348 (USA) (3 January 2009)

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Did You Know?

The cinematic poster for this movie is based on the Salvador Dali painting, "1935_03_Face of Mae West Which May Be Used as an Apartment", circa 1935.

Continuity: When Alexandria brings Roy the communion wafer she takes a big bite leaving nothing but a sliver left but in the next shot she offers the rest to Ron and it is much bigger than it was when she took a bite.

Roy Walker: You should ask someone else. There's no happy ending with me.
Alexandria: I still want to hear it.

User Review

Visually spectacular and emotionally engaging

Rating: 10/10

The Fall is a charming, fantastical story with a haunting undertone and features the most endearing child actress since Jacques Doillon's Ponette... what more could a film boast? Moreover, this film could be watched on mute and still make a lasting impression on the viewer through its striking imagery. The Fall is the story of Alexandria, an injured immigrant child wandering the hospital where she is being treated. The viewer is drawn, with Alexandria into a dark and extravagant world through the story of a maimed stuntman who she befriends. The skilled interaction between the finely divided reality and fantasy is reminiscent of David Cronenberg's eXistenZ. I can not recommend this film any more strongly.