Fly Me to the Moon 3D

August 15, 2008 0 By Fans
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Fly Me to the Moon 3DFly Me to the Moon 3DFly Me to the Moon 3DFly Me to the Moon 3DFly Me to the Moon 3DFly Me to the Moon 3D


Three young houseflies stow away aboard the Apollo 11 flight to the moon.

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 4.7/10 (2,212 voted)

Critic's Score: 36/100

Ben Stassen

Stars: Trevor Gagnon, Philip Bolden, David Gore

In the Kennedy days, all the States buzz about the Apollo moon program, even the bugs. Grandpa fly keeps 'inspiring' his grandson and two mates, a nerd and a glutton, with heroic stories. New they decide to get in on the action at Cape Canaveral via an astronaut's bred box. Grandpa also gets involved. There's also an evil Soviet Russian fly to with.


Christopher Lloyd



Kelly Ripa

Nat's Mom


Nicollette Sheridan



Tim Curry



Trevor Gagnon



Philip Bolden



David Gore



Ed Begley Jr.



Adrienne Barbeau

Scooter's Mom


Robert Patrick



Buzz Aldrin


Sandy Simpson

Commander Armstrong


Eddie Frierson

Commander Aldrin


David Cowgill

Commander Collins


Steve Kramer



First ever animated movie created for 3D


Official Website:
MK2 [France] |
Official site |

Release Date: 15 August 2008

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $25,000,000


Opening Weekend: €82,617
(3 February 2008)
(14 Screens)

Gross: $41,412,264

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


In the scene where the flies are in the lunchbox, and being placed in the car, the license plate reads "FMTT – Moon" or "Fly Me To The Moon", the movie's name.


Revealing mistakes:
At 1:05:25, Yegor flies into an opening in the console to sabotage the equipment. The door to the opening reads "Authorized Personal ONLY". However, this is grammatically incorrect; it should read "Authorized Personnel ONLY"

User Review


Rating: 5/10

Honestly, I did have a feeling from the trailer that Fly Me to the Moon
wasn't going to exactly my style. But I had the opportunity to see it
today for free and I just wanted to give it a fair chance, I don't know
what's with this year, but it doesn't seem like all the animated films
are gold, now we had WALL-E and Kung Fu Panda, that's about it when it
comes to the good animated films, but then we had Space Chimps and now
Fly Me to the Moon that are just average. See, what bugs me is that
this movie is just for kids, I think we should have those kind of
films, but this was semi-boring. The humor didn't even seem to exist,
also flies are not cute or interesting to watch and just because a film
is made for 3-D doesn't make it a great film. I'm not trying to hate on
this film because the story is decent, it's just the way it's told that
makes it a little dull.

Nat, I.Q., and Scooter are young flies who are just day dreamers, but
Nat dreams of going to the moon one of these days. When he talks to his
adventurous grandfather, he decides to just go for it. He talks I.Q.
and Scoother into it as well, they sneak onto the rocket ship that is
taking Americans to the moon for the first time. But with the mothers
freaking out at home and Russian flies who can't stand the idea of
these American flies getting the credit, it may not be a happy trip

Fly Me to the Moon is alright for the kids under 7, that's it. Like I
said, I think we should have movies that are aimed for kids only, but
this was just dull and didn't interest me. The humor is very tame and
the characters aren't the best to relate too. There are a couple of
nice things about the movie, like the animation is beautiful and the
story is fun. Even though 3-D doesn't make a movie wonderful, it does
make it a lot of fun to watch and a lot more interesting to look at.
Over all, I'd say to see this as a matinée if you want to see it on the
3-D screen, otherwise, it's a rental, there's nothing special about it,
but it's a nice movie.