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Two high school boys discover an imprisoned woman in an abandoned mental asylum who cannot die.

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 5.8/10 (6,711 voted)

Critic's Score: 36/100

Marcel Sarmiento

Stars: Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Candice Accola

Two high school boys discover an imprisoned woman in an abandoned mental asylum who cannot die.


Shiloh Fernandez


Noah Segan


Candice Accola


Eric Podnar


Jenny Spain


Andrew DiPalma


Nolan Gerard Funk


Michael Bowen


David Alan Graf

Mr. Harrison

Susan Marie Keller


Timothy Muskatell


Kelle Cantwell


Dustin Hess


Kathleen M. Darcy

Ms. Flynn

Steve Dean

Gym Coach

The American nightmare.

Release Date: 3 Jan 2008

Filming Locations: Santa Maria, California, USA

Technical Specs


(Toronto International Film Festival)


In the scene where Johnny & Dwyer see the body, the three scratches on JT's face change length, orientation, the side of his face that they are on.

User Review

Troubling, but sadly realistic (as horror movies go)

Rating: 7/10

I find myself sort of wondering why IMDb has this listed as horror.
Sure, there's the titular zombie-like chick in the film, but she's
hardly the focal point. Honestly, this seems to me a lot like what
George Romero would've done if he was making his first movies today.
Not that this will likely ever heralded like the original Night Of The
Living Dead, but a lot of the points are still there. I know a lot of
people who bow at the feet of the master will cry foul at that last
statement, but let's face it…Romero's early stuff is rather slow
paced, low on gore, and dripping with social commentary. And so is

Basically what you've got here is the story of two disaffected teenage
boys who come across a (sort of) dead girl in an abandoned hospital.
Being teenagers, one disregards much of his humanity in favor of darker
intentions while the other objects but does nothing to back up his
protests. Slowly the story gathers more complexity as one teen begins
essentially raping this (sort of) dead girl and eventually invites some
friends in on the action. As troubling as this sounds (and it is),
you've seen worse things in your life which is a bit surprising
considering that in their minds this is basically a moving corpse. So
eventually it's up to one guy to be the voice of reason and make
everything right.

There's a lot of commentary here. Everything from peer pressure, the
effects of apathetic and absent parents, and the apathy and angst of
teenagers gets touched on and done quite well. All said and done I'd
certainly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a horror movie
with a bit more substance and a bit less gore. Sure…we all like our
horror movies nice and violent, but sometimes it's nice to see one that
takes a slightly different path.