The Hitcher

January 19th, 2007


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The HitcherStill of Sean Bean in The HitcherJordana Brewster at event of The HitcherStill of Sophia Bush in The HitcherSean Bean and Neal McDonough in The HitcherThe Hitcher

While driving through the New Mexico Desert during a rainy night, the college students Jim Halsey and his girlfriend Grace Andrews give a ride to the hitchhiker John Ryder...

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 5.5/10 (23,029 voted)

Critic's Score: 28/100

Director: Dave Meyers

Stars: Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Zachary Knighton

While driving through the New Mexico Desert during a rainy night, the college students Jim Halsey and his girlfriend Grace Andrews give a ride to the hitchhiker John Ryder. While in their car, the stranger proves to be a psychopath threatening the young couple with a knife, but Jim succeeds to throw him out of the car on the road. On the next morning, the young couple sees John in another car with a family, and while trying to advise the driver that the man is dangerous, they have an accident. While walking on the road, they find the whole family stabbed in the car, and John sees that the driver is still alive. He drives to a restaurant seeking for help, but the police blame Jim and Grace to the murder and send them to the police station. However, John kills the policemen and pursues the couple, playing a tragic and violent mouse and cat game with Grace and Jim.

Writers: Eric Red, Jake Wade Wall

Sean Bean - John Ryder
Sophia Bush - Grace Andrews
Zachary Knighton - Jim Halsey
Neal McDonough - Lt. Esteridge
Kyle Davis - Buford's Store Clerk
Skip O'Brien - Sheriff Harlan Bremmer Sr.
Travis Schuldt - Deputy Harlan Bremmer Jr.
Danny Bolero - Officer Edwards
Jeffrey Hutchinson - Young Father
Yara Martinez - Beth
Lauren Cohn - Marlene
Michael J. Fisher - Transport Guard #2 (as Mike Fisher)
Joseph Michael Self - Transport Guard #1
Brad Robinson - Correctional Officer
Kurt Grossi - Officer Franklin

Taglines: Never pick up strangers.


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Release Date: 19 January 2007

Filming Locations: Austin Studios - 1901 E. 51st Street, Austin, Texas, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $10,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $7,818,239 (USA) (21 January 2007) (2835 Screens)

Gross: $25,393,046 (Worldwide)

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Runtime:  | Croatia:

Did You Know?

Director Cameo: [Dave Meyers] Photo on the driver's license of the real John Ryder.

Errors in geography: In the convenience store scene the guys says that Tatum is 15 miles away. Just before they get to the store there's mountains everywhere. There are no mountains or interstates anywhere near Tatum.

Young Trooper: I bet you had all sorts of fun when you tore that young man apart back there. But you see, here in the great state of New Mexico, we do support the death penalty.

User Review

Even if you don't compare it to the original this isn't a very good movie

Rating: 3/10

The plot is simple, a couple traveling on a dark and stormy night pick up a man who was hitch hiking and soon find they should have passed him by.

The story has been often used but the immediate source for this telling is a film that starred Rutger Hauer as the title character. Hauer's John Rider managed to walk the fine line between insanity and reason as he upped the ante in everything he did in some twisted game that only he understood. In this remake Sean Bean is the psycho on the loose and its a wonderfully acted portrayal of a man on the edge of sanity. Unfortunately he's not very scary. Bean is somehow much to urbane to be frightening even as he's doing terrible things to people. He's simply to charming.

Whats worse are the people who pick him up. I hated them from the start and wanted some one-anyone-to kill them simply so I didn't have to spend anytime with them. Stupid and vacant they seemed less like people than the victims Bean kills. C Thomas Howell in the original may have been a bit of a twit, but I really felt sorry for him as Hauer turned his life into a living hell, here I felt they had it coming.

Different enough from the original to make comparisons pointless this film isn't very good on any level and really has no reason to be seen except for Sean Bean good, but nonthreatening villain