The Gray Man

January 3, 2007 0 By Fans
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Patrick Bauchau as Albert Fish.Silas Weir Mitchell as Albert Fish, Jr.Ben Hall as Albert Budd, and Jillian Armenante as Delia Budd.Jack Conley as Detective Will King.Patrick Bauchau as Albert Fish


Obsessive manhunt to identify and capture a despicable serial killer.

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 6.0/10 (691 voted)

Scott L. Flynn

Stars: Patrick Bauchau, Jack Conley, John Aylward

Obsessive manhunt to identify and capture a despicable serial killer.

Writers: Lee Fontanella, Colleen Cochran


Patrick Bauchau

Albert Fish

Jack Conley

Det. Will King

John Aylward

Captain Ayers

Jillian Armenante

Delia Budd

Silas Weir Mitchell

Albert Fish, Jr.

Vyto Ruginis

Detective Maher

Mollie Milligan


Lexi Ainsworth

Grace Budd

Shaun Senter

Pale Boy

Ben Hall

Albert Budd

Colin Anderson

Spanked Boy

Brett Bower

Lee Sicowski

Morgan Brown

Reporter #1

Jason Burkhart

John DeMarco

Mitchell Burns


Release Date: 3 Jan 2007

Filming Locations: Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $1,300,000



Factual errors:
The house that Albert took Grace to is architecturally an early 1930s house. It would have been too new for it to have been that decrepit as well as abandoned.

User Review

A visual treat

Rating: 10/10

Period detective movie with outstanding craft and style. Albert Fish
was one of the first serial killers to live and die in America in the
early part of the last century. Although he committed crimes beyond
comprehension, his tale was relatively unknown, until now.

The story is based on a solid script with emphasis on plot and
character rather than gore and violence. This is not to say that this
is a family movie. It just avoids the temptation of gratuitous violence
and instead focuses on the human dimensions of the protagonists. The
story follows Detective King on his obsessive manhunt as he assembles
the clues to establish the killer's identity. At the same time, it
attempts to read into the mind of the killer, even portraying a bit of
his human side.

There are great performances by Patrick Bauchau (Fish) and Jack Conley
(Detective King). In addition, the stars of the movie was the stellar
photography by Dave Rudd, and the production design by Jennifer
Gentile. Given the modest budget, the film convincingly captures the
feel of New York in the 1920s and 1930s. The art department went to
great lengths to recreate the slightest period details. And yes, it was
shot on actual 35 mm film, in unsurpassed color. A visual feast.