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The determined Jim Ellis starts a swim team for troubled teens at the Philadelphia Department of Recreation.

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 5.0/10 (4,415 voted)

Critic's Score: 55/100

Sunu Gonera

Stars: Terrence Howard, Bernie Mac, Kimberly Elise

The determined Jim Ellis starts a swim team for troubled teens at the Philadelphia Department of Recreation.

Writers: Kevin Michael Smith, Michael Gozzard


Terrence Howard

Jim Ellis

Bernie Mac


Kimberly Elise

Sue Davis

Tom Arnold


Brandon Fobbs

Puddin Head

Alphonso McAuley


Regine Nehy


Nate Parker


Kevin Phillips


Scott Eastwood


(as Scott Reeves)

Evan Ross


Gary Anthony Sturgis


(as Gary Sturgis)

Jesse Moore

Artrell (Willie's Father)

Carol Sutton

Ophelia (Andre's Mother)

Tony Bentley

Race Official (UOFB)

(as Tony Bently)

Inspired by true events.


Official Website:
Lionsgate Films [United States] |

Release Date: 23 March 2007

Filming Locations: Louisiana State University – Highland Road & Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Gross: $7,036,608
(22 April 2007)

Technical Specs


(European Film Market)

Did You Know?


The journal that the character of Puddin Head writes in is actor Brandon Fobbs's actual personal journal.


During the final butterfly event, the digital display shows the order in which the teams finished. However, a moment later the announcer switches the order of the second and third place teams.


Jim Ellis:
My life is way too short for me to spend my time around people who don't care about nothin'.

User Review

Why Can't People Be Honest Anymore?

Rating: 5/10

I'm giving this movie a 5 out of 10. Sorry to those that think every
movie that doesn't win an Oscar deserves less than a 3 on a scale of
ten. But seriously, why can't people be honest or think rationally
anymore? I don't care how much this movie lacked, whether in acting or
script, the feeling that I felt leaving the theater may not have left
me in complete satisfaction, but I felt happy and good inside. Is there
something wrong with just feeling good now? I understand where the
criticism comes from, which is why I don't rate this higher. The script
was all over the place; sometimes you didn't know what was going on or
why. Tom Arnold was more annoying to watch than anyone else, the fact
that Mainline scheduled no-name recreation centers for their opponents
sounds unbelievable, Franklin's so called gangster status was
unconvincing (not to mention seeing what he did to pool was
disgusting), and even Terrence Howard sounded way too corny at times.
But COME ON! This isn't a 1.7 out of ten kind of movie. Bernie Mac was
hilarious for the first time in a while, the setting and music was very
accurate and good, and the swimming scenes were real and believable.
People need to think about what they saw before giving movies such bad
reviews. It doesn't matter how bad some of the recent movies have been,
but there are about 10 movies from the last two years in the bottom 100
movies of all time! WHAT? Be honest. Give some of these movies a
chance. And for some of those who are wondering, I'm white, so I'm not
"defending by race" either. I think this movie is somewhat worth it,
definitely watchable and, although I would not recommend this overly, I
think that someone could get a lot out of this movie.