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Four months after the death of her husband, a woman on the brink of motherhood is tormented in her home by a strange woman who wants her unborn baby.

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 7.0/10 (13,922 voted)

Alexandre Bustillo

Stars: Béatrice Dalle, Alysson Paradis, Nathalie Roussel

Four months before Christmas, Sarah and Matthieu Scarangelo were in a car crash, of which Sarah and her unborn baby were the only survivors. On Christmas Eve, Sarah stays home alone, where she grieves her husband and prepares to go to the hospital the next morning for the delivery. As night falls, a woman knocks on Sarah's door asking to use the phone. When she refuses, the woman reveals that she knows Sarah and tries to force her way in. Sarah calls the police; they inspect the home and determine the woman has left, but promise to keep watch over Sarah through the night. The woman returns and tries to take Sarah's unborn child, but Sarah locks herself in the bathroom. The strange woman torments Sarah through the night and kills all who try help her.


Béatrice Dalle

The Woman

Alysson Paradis


Nathalie Roussel


François-Régis Marchasson


Jean-Baptiste Tabourin


Dominique Frot

The Nurse

Claude Lulé

The Doctor

Hyam Zaytoun


Tahar Rahim

Policeman #1

Emmanuel Guez

Policeman #2

Ludovic Berthillot

BAC Policeman #1

Emmanuel Lanzi

BAC Policeman #2

Nicolas Duvauchelle

BAC Policeman #3

Aymen Saïdi


Release Date: 13 June 2007

Filming Locations: Paris, France

Box Office Details

Budget: $3,000,000


Technical Specs


(R-rated cut)

Did You Know?


In the scene where the three policemen come check on Sarah, you can see to the left end of the screen the house number, it's 666.

User Review

Laughable attempt to disturb


A mother-to-be is menaced by a strange woman who traps her inside her
own house. What does the stranger want? Why, her unborn baby, of
course. This film received a great deal of praise from the horror
community, but when I watched it shortly after it's U.S. DVD release, I
didn't think it was worthy of any of it. Since I blind bought it back
then, I figured I might as well give it another chance. Alas, this film
didn't improve at all upon my second viewing. French horror seems to be
all the rage among fellow genre fans these days, but where films like
Haute Tension and Martyrs succeed at being more than envelope-pushing
for the sheer hell of it, Inside fails miserably.

I'm a fan of Béatrice Dalle. She's fantastic in 37°2 le matin, and her
menacing performance is easily the best thing about this film. To be
frank, it's the only thing this mess has going for it. Alysson Paradis
is the victim, but pregnant or not, the film didn't give me much of a
reason to invest in her character. Clearly, this kills any potential
suspense factor. Another suspense vacuum is the rampant idiocy on
display here, most notably from the police. A cop's two partners just
disappeared into a dark house where gunshots emanated from. Am I to
believe that the moron would head into the house with his latest arrest
handcuffed to his wrist, all without calling for backup? Then there's
the thing with the circuit breaker, and it's just absurd. I also didn't
care for the inside shots of the baby at all. I thought it was an awful
idea, made all the more annoying by the obvious CGI and ridiculous
expressions the baby would make. Was I supposed to be disturbed
whenever this popped up? If anything, it was amusing that the directors
thought this would work in any way, shape or form.

Now, onto the film's sole reason for existing… The gore effects are
wet and brutal. They're not always convincing, but they're very
graphic. And that's all there is to Inside. Honestly, this thing is
basically just one big excuse for pushing the envelope with gore
effects and attempted shock factor. There is no depth, no suspense, no
scares… It's a revolting bore. I'm surprised by how well-liked it is.
This belongs at the bottom of the barrel with other French drivel such
as Sheitan and Frontière(s). The only true horror that comes from
watching this is realizing that something so bad is actually being
praised to the heavens.