I Could Never Be Your Woman

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Still of Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd in I Could Never Be Your WomanStill of Michelle Pfeiffer in I Could Never Be Your WomanStill of Michelle Pfeiffer and Saoirse Ronan in I Could Never Be Your WomanStill of Paul Rudd and Saoirse Ronan in I Could Never Be Your WomanStill of Saoirse Ronan in I Could Never Be Your WomanStill of Michelle Pfeiffer and Jon Lovitz in I Could Never Be Your Woman


A mother falls for a younger man while her daughter falls in love for the first time. Mother Nature messes with their fates.

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 6.0/10 (9,112 voted)

Amy Heckerling

Stars: Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Rudd, Saoirse Ronan

Rosie (40), a divorced mother, produces the has-been TV comedy You Go Girl. Her boss no longer allows the show to tackle any vaguely controversial subjects, so it seems doomed. Then she meets at an audition Adam Perl (29), an attractive, spontaneously funny, single actor. She successfully casts him, which revives the show's ratings. She also dates him, but her pathological insecurity, focused on their age difference, compromises the relationship. That culminates when she suspects him of infidelity with the show's star, and the studio gives those two their own sitcom.


Michelle Pfeiffer


Paul Rudd


Saoirse Ronan


Stacey Dash


(as Stacey L. Dash)

Fred Willard


Jon Lovitz


Sarah Alexander


Tracey Ullman

Mother Nature

Yasmin Paige


Rory Copus


O.T. Fagbenle


Jayden Berry-Garvey


Iddo Goldberg


Noah Lee Margetts


(as Noah Margetts)

Jonathan Ryland

Prop Guy

Find Yourself. In Love.

Release Date: 11 May 2007

Filming Locations: Avalon Hollywood – 1735 Vine Street, Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $24,000,000


Opening Weekend: BRL 582,025
(23 September 2007)
(90 Screens)

Gross: $9,569,470
(12 April 2009)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


On 30th of August 2005 while Michelle Pfeiffer was filming in London, a luxury range rover worth $90,000.00 was stolen in Camden Town while she was filming this movie by robbers.


In the scene in the car where Michelle Pfeiffer's character is talking to her daughter about the value of Pi, when they start the scene and show the daughter, you can see a Scion pull up in the background and people start to get out. As they cut back and forth between mother and daughter, each time they show the daughter, the car disappears, then reappears, then disappears again.


[first lines]

Mother Nature:
Pretty impressive, huh? People tend to think of me as that, uh, environmental nut. But whenever I get down to work they say, 'Mother Nature, you're such a destructive bitch'.

User Review

Delightful and Poignant Romantic Comedy

Rating: 8/10

I saw this last night (6/15/07) at The Maui International Film
Festival. It is going to be categorized by some as a "Chick Flick",
however the chemistry between Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd is
undeniable. Since the film won't be released for a few months, I'm not
going to go into any specific plot details, however Hollywood's
obsession with youth, plastic surgery, and untalented pretty people is
amusingly (and sometimes disturbingly) exposed.

Pfeiffer is a true movie star — a brilliant actress and shamefully
underrated comedian. And I would imagine that this film will likely be
Paul Rudd's star-making vehicle. He's a talent power-house.

Other notable fine performances are give by the one and only Tracey
Ullman as Mother Nature, and Saoirse Ronan as Pfeiffer's daughter.

I haven't laughed out loud at a movie in a long time, however I did
last night — many times. Judging from the reaction, laughter and
applause of the hundreds of others in attendance, this movie is a