Chapter 27

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A film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon.

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 5.6/10 (5,275 voted)

Critic's Score: 32/100

J.P. Schaefer

Stars: Chuck Cooper, Victor Verhaeghe, Robert Gerard Larkin

A film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon.

Writers: J.P. Schaefer, Jack Jones


Chuck Cooper


Victor Verhaeghe

Cop #1

Robert Gerard Larkin

Cop #2

Lindsay Lohan


Ursula Abbott


Roy Milton Davis

Homeless Man

Brian Bell


Dan Schultz


Adam Scarimbolo


Molly Griffith

Centerfold Model

Spiro Malas

Elevator Man

Jeane Fournier


Kate Higgins


Matthew Nardozzi

Little Kid

Brian O'Neill


He came to New York to meet John Lennon…and the world changed forever


Official Website:
Peace Arch Entertainment [United States]|

Release Date: 15 December 2007

Filming Locations: Central Park West, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $CAD5,000,000


Opening Weekend: $13,910
(30 March 2008)
(1 Screen)

Gross: $55,704
(4 May 2008)

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(Sundance Film Festival)

Did You Know?


Many of Chapman's lines in the movie reference or quote J.D. Salinger's 'The Catcher in the Rye'.


[first lines]

Mark David Chapman:
I believe in Holden Caulfield. And in the book, and what he was saying, what he was saying to a lost generation of phony people.

User Review

Wonderfully Slow, Wonderfully Painful.

Rating: 7/10

Slow and Painful. Two words that aptly describe the assassination of
John Lennons.

Acting: Jared Leto is Mark Chapman. The weight gain, the accent, the
mannerisms, the eccentric disturbing yet intriguing eyes. His acting is
nothing short of excellent. Lindsay Lohan is believable, however, her
character is esssentially non-existent.

Directing: Loneliness. The feeling is loneliness is excellently
captured by director J.P. Schaefer. I don't want to compare this work
to Taxi Driver but both pieces contain a broken, lonely main character
in New York. The feeling of loneliness is beautifully capture. I felt
lonely watching this movie, i felt all alone. Something i haven't felt
since watching Taxi Driver.

Script: It won't be an Oscar winning script. You won't leave the
theatre feeling mystified as you did after you saw fight club and the
usual suspects. However, the script fits perfectly. Critics have
crucified Chapter 27 saying it does not give an in-depth look into the
mind of the killer. But that's not the point of the film, Mark Chapman
even admits this a few minutes into the film.

If you feel it's too soon to watch a movie about John Lennon don't
watch it. The actual killing scene, although not graphic, is very
powerful. But if you have the choice of seeing this movie, give it a