Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

November 22, 2006 0 By Fans
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Still of Jack Black in Tenacious D in The Pick of DestinyStill of Jack Black and Kyle Gass in Tenacious D in The Pick of DestinyJack Black at event of Tenacious D in The Pick of DestinyTenacious D in The Pick of DestinyTenacious D in The Pick of DestinyStill of Kyle Gass in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny


In Venice Beach, naive Midwesterner JB bonds with local slacker KG and they form the rock band Tenacious D. Setting out to become the world's greatest band is no easy feat, so they set out to steal what could be the answer to their prayers — a magical guitar pick housed in a rock-and-roll museum some 300 miles away.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 6.7/10 (46,357 voted)

Critic's Score: 55/100

Liam Lynch

Stars: Jack Black, Kyle Gass, JR Reed

This is the story of a friendship that changes the course of rock history forever, of the fateful collision of minds between JB and KG that led to the creation of the precedent-shattering band Tenacious D, and of the two heroes' quest to find the fabled Guitar Pick Of Destiny…

Writers: Jack Black, Kyle Gass


Jack Black


Kyle Gass


JR Reed


Ronnie James Dio


Paul F. Tompkins

Open Mic Host

Troy Gentile

Lil' JB

Ned Bellamy

Security Guard

Fred Armisen

Security Guard

Kirk Ward

Car Chase Cop
Gang Leader

Amy Poehler

Truck Stop Waitress

Tim Robbins

The Stranger

David Grohl


(as Dave Grohl)

Ben Stiller

Guitar Center Guy

Lara Everly


Brittany Eldridge


The greatest motion picture of all time.


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Release Date: 22 November 2006

Filming Locations: Kernville, California, USA

Opening Weekend: $3,234,879
(24 November 2006)
(1919 Screens)

Gross: $8,319,186
(31 December 2006)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


Scott Aukerman and BJ Porter wrote a draft in the early 2000's which was eventually discarded.


Revealing mistakes:
When KG and JB are driving, especially during the chase scene, it is very obvious that the car is on a trailer and being towed and not actually being driven. When the background shows that the car is pulling over to the curb, or turning, the wheel stays straight and does not rotate.


[first lines]

Ready, Kage?


Let's do this. Fatty.

User Review

Pick of Destiny Is So hilarious, it hurts!

Rating: 9/10

Just saw it at as closing film of Austin Film Festival. Going in, a had
seen a few snippets of their act at Alamo Drafthouse, and thought the
trailer was amusing but I wasn't expecting such an epic theme music and
the use of tarot cards is genius in the title sequence. Watch out for
cameos from Ben Stiller and Tim Robbins, and the dark lord himself (who
has a fetish for KG). So much over-the-top fun and the songs are so
catchy. The car chase was by far my favorite scene. I know this will
earn cult status right away and win over some new Tenacious D fans,
just like me. I hope this does well in the theaters. "Follow me, we are
the shadows"