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Still of Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder in PulseStill of Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder in PulseSofia Milos at event of PulseStill of Kristen Bell in PulseStill of Ian Somerhalder in PulseStill of Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder in Pulse


When their computer hacker friend accidentally channels a mysterious wireless signal, a group of co-eds rally to stop a terrifying evil from taking over the world.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 4.5/10 (16,743 voted)

Critic's Score: 27/100

Jim Sonzero

Stars: Kristen Bell, Rick Gonzalez, Christina Milian

The hacker Josh invades the computer of Douglas Ziegler, who is developing a powerful wireless signal, and accidentally releases a mysterious force that takes the will to live of human beings, generating a suicide epidemic and increasing the force. His girlfriend and student of psychology, Mattie, sees each one of their common friends die and the destruction of the modern world, and together with her new acquaintance Dexter, they try to plan a virus developed by Josh in the network to shutdown the system and save mankind.

Writers: Wes Craven, Ray Wright


Kristen Bell


Ian Somerhalder


Christina Milian

Isabelle Fuentes

Rick Gonzalez


Jonathan Tucker


Samm Levine


Octavia Spencer


(as Octavia L. Spencer)

Ron Rifkin

Dr. Waterson

Joseph Gatt

Dark Figure

Kel O'Neill

Douglas Zieglar

Zach Grenier

Professor Cardiff

Riki Lindhome


John Burke


Mike J. Regan


(as Mike Regan)

Steve Tom

Male Newscaster #2

You are now infected.


Official Website:
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Release Date: 11 August 2006

Filming Locations: Bucharest, Romania

Box Office Details

Budget: $20,000,000


Opening Weekend: $8,203,822
(13 August 2006)

Gross: $20,259,297
(8 October 2006)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


The trailer features footage from the original Japanese film, called Kairo. One shot in particular features a plane crashing. The shot was re-done for the final film


(At 01:13:00) When Mattie arrives in the servers room, the PC unit it is black with 2 red tapes near it. She turn around and in the background the PC unit it is white with 2 red tapes near it. Then black again. The position of the chair near the table it is changing.


[last lines]

Mattie Webber:
We can never go back. The cities are theirs. Our lives are different now. The things that were supposed to connect us to each other, instead connected us to forces we could never have imagined. The world we know is gone, but the will to live never dies. Not for us… and not for them.

User Review

Not so horrible for a Saturday afternoon

Rating: 6/10

We went to see PULSE yesterday afternoon (got to the theater too late
for DESCENT). I have not seen the original KAIRO for comparison. So,
it's not the worst movie I've ever seen, and not the best. Yes, it was
slow to start and get to the point. But IMO it had a creepy, dark
atmosphere (god, if I lived there I'd want to commit suicide in any
case), the visuals weren't bad, and it had a few good scares.
Unfortunately, it also depended on VOLUME to enhance the scare. If
you're more of a gore fan, then it's probably not the movie for you.
The movie may not be worth the price of a ticket, but I think it's
worth a rental. Eh, I'm just your average moviegoer and don't watch
movies to analyze them to death. I even liked The Grudge. That's my
opinion and I'm sticking to it.