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Open Water 2: Adrift


Amy, her husband James and their baby Sarah travel to Mexico to sail in the yacht of their reckless…

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 5.0/10 (7,703 voted)

Hans Horn

Stars: Susan May Pratt, Richard Speight Jr., Niklaus Lange

Amy, her husband James and their baby Sarah travel to Mexico to sail in the yacht of their reckless friend Dan with their common friends Zach and Lauren and celebrate the thirtieth birthday of Zach. They are introduced to Dan's girlfriend Michelle and they drink and recall moments of their past while navigating. Miles away from the shore, Michelle suggest to stop the yacht and swim in the calm water. Amy stays in the boat since she has a childhood trauma with ocean and Dan stays with her. Later, the irresponsible Dan pushes Amy overboard, falling with her in a prank. Once in the water, the group realizes that Dan forgot to put the embarkation ladder and the freeboard makes impossible to climb to the main deck the yacht. With the baby alone in the boat and stranded in the open sea, they panic and their desperation lead them to a tragic fight for survival.

Writers: Adam Kreutner, Richard Speight Jr.


Susan May Pratt


Richard Speight Jr.


Niklaus Lange


Ali Hillis


Cameron Richardson


Eric Dane


Wolfgang Raach

Amy's Father

Alexandra Raach

Amy as a Little Girl

Alfred Cuschieri

Old Fisherman

Kelly Wagner

Erica – Zach's Sister


Mattea Gabarretta

Baby Sara

Luca Gabaretta

Baby Sara

Christine Spasojevic

Party Boat Girl

Dawn Frendo

Party Boat Girl

Charlie Formosa


In the water no one can hear you scream.


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Release Date: 3 August 2006

Filming Locations: Malta

Box Office Details

Budget: €1,200,000


Opening Weekend: £337,718
(3 September 2006)
(328 Screens)

Gross: $189,698
(19 August 2007)

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Did You Know?


To prepare for the movie, Susan May Pratt went to the tanning salon and worked out to prepare for a lot of treading water.


Revealing mistakes:
At 1hr 2min 30 seconds into the film, a female character is floating face-up in the water. In the context of the story, she is supposed to be entirely nude. However, the camera inadvertently shows the skin-colored modesty patch that the actress is using to cover her right nipple.


Our daughter is scarred for life. She'll either grow up to be oddly attracted to Popeye, or a lesbian.

User Review

Unimaginative, predictable, ridiculous cash in on Open Water

Rating: 1/10

Open Water was believable, and much more gripping than this very
formulaic sequel. The plot is standard unimaginative Hollywood fare,
and seems to make a situation (which could easily have been resolved by
the characters) into an unconvincing thriller with an unbelievable
script which features a series of contrived episodes.

Each incident left me asking "why didn't they try this", and "why
didn't they try that" as each character seemed to act in a totally
irrational way – why did they only try once to get on board with the
swimsuit 'rope' ? It was very cheesy that they almost made it, but then
didn't try again. Why did they throw the phone away for no good reason?
Why didn't they use the knife as a foothold to get on? I would not have
trusted these characters to have made me a coffee without at least
three of them getting seriously injured or dying.

This film had nothing new in it, and seemed like an attempt to cash in
on the success of low budget Open Water.